Alchemy of Sun and Moon. Swara Yoga – Shiva Swarodhaya Shastra

shiva parvati – ardhanarishwar

Shiv Swarodaya is the basic scripture on the science of breath. Here, we have tried to reproduce it in English translation sloka by sloka for the benefit of those who find it difficult to understand for various reasons. This work was carried out by another sadhak and is being shared here.

1. I bow to lord Shiva, Goddess Parvatiji, and Lord Ganesha, and to Guru and Supreme Soul who grant liberation from this transient universe.

The Goddess Spoke

O God of Gods Mahadeva !

2. Please bestow upon me that knowledge through which one can attains all “siddhis” (accomplishments and fortunes) .

3. O God of all Gods, how did this universe originate? Why does it change ? And how does it merge into its source ? How does it get destroyed ? Please explain to me the real nature and the essence of this world.

Lord Shiva Spoke

4. O Goddess ! This world has emerged from the tattwas ( the basic five elements) and in the tattwas occur its alteration, preservation, and destruction. Accordingly, the nature of this universe is decided on the basis of tattwas only.

The Goddess Spoke :

5. O Maheshji, the sages and the prophets, who know the real essence of the tattwas have decided that it is the tattwas which are the root essence of this world. Hence, please describe those tattwas and kindly cast an illuminating light on the nature of tattwas.

Lord Shiva Spoke:

6. From that one unchanging, eternal, and formless “paramatma” (supreme self) originate the sky; and from sky originated the Air.

7. From Air originated Fire; and from fire originated the water. In this way these five elements diversely emanate the whole world.

8. The cosmos was created through the above mentioned tattwas, from those elements only is this world preserved. And finally, this world dissolves into those very five elements only.

9. O Beauty ! This body (Shiva’s human ?) is created from the above mentioned five-tattwas. They subtly emanate in this body. Only the omniscient yogis comprehend those subtle tattwas (in the body).

10. Now I / we mention all the main sounds established in human body, those sound which are the cause for all sounds like “a” By mediating on the “Sah” sound while inhalation and on “aham” sound while exhalation (thereby forming the mantra “so-ham”) one becomes omniscient and acquires the knowledge of the part, present and the future.

11. This science is most secretive of all secret knowledges. It is the best as it reveals the most essential and beneficial knowledge to us.

12. Though the Swarodaya Knowledge in the subtlest of all subtle knowledge, yet the knowledge of this science is easy to acquire and is truth-revealing. It is a source of amazement to the atheists. It helps, aids, and assists the theists.

13. The knowledge of the science of swaras is to be imparted only to the disciple who is of peaceful disposition, pure of thoughts and conduct, disciplined, having boundless devotion to the guru, possessing the firm determination and gratefulness towards benefactors.

14. It should not be given to anyone who is wicked, lacking virility, short tempered, vicious, atheist, lacking character, and the one who commits adultery with his Guru’s wife.

15. O Goddess! Now listen to this great knowledge / science as I mention it to you. By realizing this knowledge one acquires knowledge of all sciences and becomes omniscient.

16. Within the swaras is the complete knowledge of the Vedas & all other scriptures. Swaras contain the three worlds. Swaras are the essence of “atman” itself.

17. The knowledge of astrology without the knowledge of swaras is just like a house without an owner, a mouth lacking scriptures, and body without head. Hence, the knowledge of swaras is indispensable for an astrologer.

18. That one who can differentiate between the nadis, pranas, tattwas, and between pingala, Ida, Sushumna, and other nadis, attains liberation.

19. O beauty! Some people consider it auspicious to attain the knowledge of swaras through the strength of auspicious vayu.

20. The whole universe, its macro and microcosm, have been created by Swara. Swara is the cause of creation and its destruction. Swara is lord shiva himself.

21. Nothing in the universe seen, heard, or otherwise experienced is better more confidential, or subtle than the knowledge of swaras.

22. The enemies can be overpowered via the power of Swaras. Similarly, one can attain Lakshmi (prosperity), favour of friends, fame, and all other kinds of pleasures via swaras.

23. Through the power of Swaras one can get his consort, and can have a meeting with the rulers. So, the Gods, can be realized (and their perfection attained). The most powerful entities can be controlled via Swaras.

24. One must undertake journeys to other countries or cities, have food, urinate, and excrete only after keeping in mind the positive or negative flow of breath or aspects of Swaras.

25. O lady with pleasant visage! all the scriptures, philosophies, eighteen – puranas, “smritis” (revealed knowledge epiphanies) and Vedas are but a branch of the knowledge of Swaras. Nothing in universe is better than the Swaras.

26. Until they don’t possess the knowledge of the tattwas, the people will remain under the illusion of names and forms like ignorant fools.

27. The ‘Swarodaya Shastra’ is the best of all scriptures. It is a great light which enlightens the human spirit.

28. This knowledge must not be given simply to answer to anyone’s queries. It must be kept safe in one’s mind / psyche, voice and intellect to use it for the evolution of the atman.

29. Having the knowledge of Swaras it is not necessary to consult and have the knowledge of date, time, day, stars, planets, gods, conjunction or assortment of stars & planets – for the evolution of the atman.

30. Having the favourable flow of swaras bestows all the favourable results. Neither in the past nor in the future will there be any inauspicious time to effect the favourable results bestowed by the swaras.

31. O Goddess! All the auspicious results can be had if one has the power of positive flow of swaras. As per the swara shastra neither in the past, nor in the future will there be any time which is inauspicious for applying the principles of Swara Shastra.

32. There are myriads of nadis throughout the body. The wise must comprehend them for the true understanding of their body.

33. There are seventy two thousand nadis which extend throughout the navel to the shoulders. These are spread around the spine like sprouts.

34. The kundalini Shakti which resides in these nadis in the shape of a serpent has ten nadis above and ten nadis below her.

35. Out of total twenty – four nadis (two groups of nadis going on each side in oblique / slanting direction) out of them ten are specially important as they contain the flow of ten vayus.

36. From the nadis mentioned earlier ten are primary and out of them Ida, Pingala, and Sushumana are the foremost.

37. The remaining seven primary nadis include Gandhari, Hastijivha, Poosha, Yashashwini, Alambusha, Kuhu and Shankhini.

38. Up, down, and oblique nadis are the very basis of vayu and body. They are spread like a wheel in the body and are themselves based on the vital force (‘prana’).

Position / Placement of the nadis

39. Ida is positioned on the left side of the body, Pingala on the right, Sushumna in the centre, while Gandhari is in the left eye.

40. Hastijivha nadi is in the right eye, Poosha in the right ear, Yashashwini in the left ear, and Alambusha resides in the mouth.

41. Kuhu is in the linga (reproductive organs) Shankhini is in the anus area / part. Thus, the ten foremost nadis of the body reside in ten openings of the body.

42. The Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are located in the pranic passage of the body. The above mentioned ten nadis reside in the subtle human body (and not in the gross body).

43. The ten primary nadis have been mentioned. Now listen to the names of the corresponding vayus. They are known as prana, Apana, Samana , Udana and Vyana. These are five main vayus.

44. Naga, Kurma, Krikal, Devdatta, and Dhannanjaya are the five subsidiary pranas. The all – pervading “ Chi / Ki / Prana” resides in the heart. The Apana vayu resides in the anus / excretory organs.

45. Samana is in the navel region. Udana resides in the centre of throat. The Vyana vayu pervades the whole human body. Thus mentioned ten vayus are prominent.

46. The location of prana, Apana, Samana, Udana , and vyana has been told. Now I tell you the location / position of the remaining five vayus.

47. Kurma facilitates blinking, opening & closing of eye-lids ; krikala facilitates sneezing ; Naga vayu is for belching ( & vomiting), Devdatta is for yawning.

48. The Dhannanjaya is spread throughout the human body and does not leave it even after its death. In this manner the ten above mentioned vayus move through all the nadis of a living being.

49. The wise must know the movement of “Prana” vayu in human body via the help of Ida, Pingala, and Sushumana.

50. Ida is known to be situated in the left side of spinal cord, Pingala is on the right. They criss-cross each other at various points as they have a serpentine structure.

They criss-cross each other while appearing to be moving in a serpentine motion.

51. The moon element of the body resides in the Ida. The sun element is in Pingala. Lord Shiva himself resides the So-ham / Sushumna nadi in the form of Ham-Sa (the mantra formed of the combined sound of inhalation and exhalation- therefore the Sushumna is verily known as the form of Lord Shiva himself.)

52. The sound of ‘Sa’ while inhalation and ‘Ha’ while exhalation is produced. The ‘ha’ sound has been described as the form of Shiva, while ‘Sa’ is Shakti herself.

53. The controller / co-ordinator of Ida / left nadi (moon) is situated there in the form of Shakti, the primeval Godess. Similarly, the controller / co-ordinator of Pingala / right nadi (the sun) is located there in lord Shiva’s form.

54. If a wise person performs a charitable deed while inhaling and consciously meditating on ‘Sa’ sound, the result of such charitable deed gets multiplied million fold.

55. Thus, the yogi must be calm, alert, and one pointed. In this manner he is able to comprehend everything by observing the happenings and activities of the solar and the lunar naids.

56. One must concentrate and mediate on this tattwa with a stable and calm mind. Never must one concentrate on it with an unsteady or wavering mind. By this one gets attains the desired goal great gains, and victory.

57. Those persons who always regularly perform the practice of controlling Lunar (Ida) and Solar (Pingala) nadis fervently attain omniscience.

58. The left side Ida nadi is like amrit (nectar, ambrosia, panecia) providing nourishment to the universe always. The right (pingala) nadi is the source of all creation.

59. The Sushumna nadi situated in the middle of spinal cord is cruel, malignant / malefic for all acts. The lunar nadi Ida on the left side always endows success in all auspicious activities.

60. The left channel of pranic energy Ida is auspicious while moving out of the house. While returning or entering / moving in Pingala (the right channel is auspicious. The moon nadi is always EVEN while the sun nadi is always ODD.

61. The moon nadi (ida) which is the left-sided pranic energy channel is considered the female principal. The sun nadi (pingala) which is right sided pranic channel, is the male principal.

The colour of Lunar nadi is white and that of Solar Nadi is black. Therefore, auspicious works / acts and deeds must only be performed during the flow of Ida.

62. During the flow of Surya nadi (pingala), cruel, difficult & hard tasks must be performed. During the Sushumna flow actions pertaining to the “bhukti” (sensual pleasures) and mukti (liberation / nirvana) are to be performed.

63. During the first three days of “Shuklapaksha” (the bright fortnight), the Ida flows and then alternates. (1st,2nd,3rd-IDA, 4th,5th,6th Pingla, thus they keep alternating). While, conversely, during the first three days of “Krishnapaksha” (the dark fortnight), the Pingala flows first. (1st,2nd,3rd PINGLA, 4th 5th,6th IDA thus they alternate).

64. In the bright fortnight, the lunar swara rises from the time of sunrise and continues till the time span of two & a half Ghadis ( 60 minutes). In the dark fortnight, the solar Swara (Pingala ) rises first. So, these swaras flow alternately for a period of two-and-a half ghadis ( 60 minutes) throughout the twenty four hours of a day.

65. In between these ghadis, the five elements get activated and flow. If the swaras flow as per the above mentioned rules then one can resume his / her activities. Conversely, the daily activities are not to be performed if the flow of Swara is unfavourable.

66. During the first three days of bright fortnight, the Ida Swara must flow first, and during the dark fortnight the right pranic channel pingala must flow initially.

67. A wise person must never let the moon swara flow during the night. Similarly the sun swara must be suppressed during daytime. By practicing in this manner daily and continuously one becomes a yogi.

68. During the rise of pingala, the sun element is under one’s control. The moon is under control during Ida. The person who knows the flow of Swaras in this manner can control the universe in a second.

69. If a day starts with lunar swara at sunrise and ends with the solar swara at sunset, then this cycle of swaras produces many beneficial and auspicious effects. If the cycle of swaras is contrary to this then all the auspicious acts must be avoided during such period.

70. The acts performed on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday , and Friday while the left Swara or Ida nadi is flowing endow success in all auspicious deeds ( more so if it is a bright fortnight).

71. Similarly, if right swara flows on Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday then all deeds performed get accomplished. Success is inevitable if such deeds are performed during the darker fortnight(krishan paksh).

Pattern of flow of Five Tattwas

72. The air elements flows first of all in either nadis. Then follows the fire element, and then flows the earth element. The sky element is active in the end. (Air touches the sides of the nasal passage, Fire touches the top, Water touches the bottom of the nasal passage and Earth flows in centre of it).

73. The five tattwas arise and flow in the above mentioned sequence for the duration of two-and-a-half ghadis (1 hour) in each of the nadis separately.

74. During the time-span of one day and night (24 hours), 12 zodiac transitions are said to occur. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces occur & transit during the flow of Ida. These zodiac signs are considered to be of moon (dominated).

75. Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius occur and transit during the flow of solar swara pingala, and they are considered to be sun dominated. One must determine the auspicious and inauspicious result via the rise of swaras in the right nadi.

76. The moon resides in the (represents) East and North directions. The Sun (Solar Swara) represents the West and South. Hence, one must not travel towards West and South while the Solar Swara is active.

77. While the lunar Swara Ida is flowing, one must not travel towards North & East otherwise there is a probability that the person may never return because of the perils of journey and threat from the enemies.

78. Hence, the wise scholars, who desire good for all, have prohibited journey in the Swaras-directions in the combinations mentioned above. Or, they might even have to face death.

79. If the lunar Swara Ida flows at the time of Solar Swara Pingala’s flow, during the second day of bright fortnight, then it has been observed that one experiences profit and prosperity for auspicious deeds.

80. That day, when solar swara Pingala flows at the time of Sunrise and the Lunar swara at the time of moonrise, all kinds of actions undertaken at any time throughout the span of 24 hours will be successful.

81. Contrarily, if the Lunar Swara flows at the time of Sunrise and the Solar Swara at the time of moonrise then loss, conflicts, and sorrows ensue. Auspicious deeds are to be avoided at such times.

82. During the flow of Solar Swara, one can undoubtedly acquire the knowledge of the subtlest and difficult subjects. Contrarily, during the flow of lunar Swara, the knowledge of above mentioned subjects cannot be acquired.

83. Starting from the first four ghadis of morning if the flow of Swaras is opposite, e.g. if the lunar Swara flows during the time of solar Swara then the results are unfavourable.

84. In such a flow of Swaras, the mind is perturbed during the 1st ghadi. In the 2nd ghadi the wealth gets destroyed; in the 3rd, travel or movement ensues; in the 4th ghadi, there is a loss of dear things.

85. During the 5th ghadi, there is the loss of one’s state/province; disease and death occur during the 7th; and death during the 8th ghadi. Thus is the result of opposite or reverse Swaras.

86. If the opposite Swara flow for eight successive days during all three periods (morning, noon and night) then bad results occur. A little reduction or irregularity in this is good.

87. If the lunar Swara flows during morning and noon, and the solar Swara during evening (dusk), then one gets victory daily. If the Swaras flow in the opposite manner, there is loss & defeat and one must avoid almost everything during such period.

88. If the left or right Swara is active along with partially active Sushumna, then one must start journey by putting the corresponding foot forward to achieve success.

89. While starting a journey, one must put left foot forward if the moon swara is active and right foot if sun Swara is active to ensure success.

90 While getting up after sleeping if one touches that side cheek which corresponds to the active Swara with the palm of same hand one gets the desired fruit.

91 At the time of giving or receiving anything or going out of house, using the same hand or foot which is on the side of active Swara is best.

92 By acting in such a manner, one is free from conflict, loss, destruction and affliction by enemies. One is relieved of all the troubles and returns home merrily.

93. While sitting with Guru(s), king, brother, minister and other beneficial person, one must keep them towards the side of active Swara for attaining auspicious effects.

94. To overcome an enemy, commit theft, while igniting the fire, while committing unrighteous deeds one must keep the person or object on the side of non-active Swara.

95. Some people believe that journeys to far off lands must be undertaken/started while the flow of lunar Swara, while the journey (s) to nearby lands is to be undertaken during the solar Swara.

96. Whatever has been mentioned till now regarding war and benefits undoubtedly comes to pass when the respective Swaras are actively flowing.

97. While the flow of Shunya nadi (Sushumna), the above mentioned actions like wars, battles, and other beneficial deeds/actions become futile. This has been mentioned by Lord Shiva himself and thus, a gospel truth.

98. During the flow of “Purna Swara”, performance of activities like punishing the wicked, imparting knowledge, committing fraud, facing an angry master, committing theft, etc. bear terribly horrific results.

99. The lunar Swara is beneficial for starting long journeys. It ensures success without obstacles. The solar Swara is beneficial for activities like entering a house.

100. The flow of Swaras can make an incapable and incompetent person fully capable and competent and vice-versa. As all the beings are under the control of the results of their previous karmas, therefore, they must act according to the flow of Swaras like Sushumna.

101. The active lunar Swara can act even as an antidote to poison. The active solar Sara is beneficial for bringing the powerful under the control. While the third Swara (Sushumna) bestows liberation. Thus, one God has threefold functions and existence.

102. The nadis must flow according to the nature of work(s) to be performed throughout day and night. If the Swaras are made to flow as per the nature of work e.g. then lunar Swara for auspicious work and Solar Swara for inauspicious then success in all ventures is assured.

103. While performing worship, penance, and other stable and permanent actions and giving long-lasting results, while wearing jewellery, starting journey to far-off lands, while performing one dharma(s) throughout four stages of life – namely “Brahmcharya” (celibacy), “Grahastha” (house holder’s life), “Vanaprastha” (Going to jungle, mountain or far off land to lead a spiritual life/ and “Sanyara” (formal declaration renunciation of world and the performance of rituals attached therewith) – and while collecting the Ida nadi provides optimum results.

104. While digging ponds and well, digging a pole, consecrating (ritualistically) the image/idol of a deity, giving donation, journeying, marrying, wearing clothes, jewellery, and other decorative articles, the flow of ida is beneficial.

105. Performing activities pertaining to peace-establishment, acquiring nourishment from divine herbs and chemicals, meeting one’s master, befriending someone, doing business activities, and collecting food-grains, ida is auspicious.

106. While entering a new house, doing service, sowing and farming, doing auspicious deeds, forming alliances and treaties, and while leaving for a journey, Ida is auspicious.

107. For starting studies or research, seeing brothers and relatives in birth and death, in dharmic deeds, for getting spiritual invitation (“Deeksha”), for perfecting one’s mantra, Ida is the best.

108. For learning Sutras (verses) pertaining to the Science and knowledge of time (past, present and future), bringing cattle and pets to home, treating incurable and deadly disease, and addressing one’s master.

109. Mounting an elephant or a horse, tying them (or putting them in their stables), learning the art of archery, doing charitable services, collecting wealth.

110. Singing, playing musical instruments, dancing, studying the art of dance, drama, and other aesthetic activities, entering a city or village, applying tilak, buying land.

111. Facilitating, helping, pacifying the ones having sorrows, sufferings, fever, ailments or who are unconscious, interacting with relatives and master(s)¸and for collecting wood and grains.

112. O Parvati! Ida is also beneficial for women’s dental decoration, for the arrival of rain, for worshipping Guru, and for removing the effects of poison.

113. The acts like practice of yoga are especially fruitful during the flow of Ida. But such acts must be avoided if fire, air or ether elements are active and flowing therewith Ida (The above mentioned acts are fruitful during the flow of Ida only if earth and water elements are also active).

114. All good acts during day and night fructify during the flow of Ida. In fact, the lunar Swara is best for doing all auspicious activities.

115. While learning or teaching cruel knowledges and arts, while meeting women and prostitutes (for sexual purposes), boarding a large ship, pingala flow is beneficial.

116. It is beneficial for wicked acts like drinking Sura (wine), practicing difficult “vir” (tantric) mantras and performing such kind of worship, destroying the country (enemy) in a state of unrest, and poisoning the enemy.

117. Practicing the scriptures, journeying, selling or buying cattle, making bricks, wood and jewellery by cutting grinding and polishing.

118. Practicing the use of weapons, yantras, and tantra, climbing a fort or a mountain summit, gambling, stealing, while mounting and controlling an elephant, horse, a chariot and other vehicles.

119. While exercising, performing six acts of black magic like “Maran” and “Uchchatan” (killing and emotionally destabilizing the enemy through rituals), while overcoming the extra-terrestrial beings like ghosts, “Yakshas” and “Yakshinis” (demigods), “Vetal” (evil spirits), and the effects of poison, Pingala in auspicious.

120. While keeping a donkey, camel, buffalo, while mounting an elephant or a horse, while crossing a river or pond, taking medicines, healing one self or others, and while writing, alphabets Pingala (solar) nadi is the best.

121. The acts like “Maran” black, “Mohan”, “Stambhan” “Uchachatan” (killing, enchanting, paralyzing, respectively, via black magic), controlling others by rituals of black magic, inspiriting, attracting, being enraged, giving donations, and buying and selling.

122. Attracting evil spirits, bearing malice, getting rid of enemies, using sword while battling the enemy, having sensual pleasures, meeting the king, eating, bathing, performing formal and behavioural tasks and doing outstanding and shining deeds is best accomplished during the flow of Pingala.

123. The wise must perform the acts like eating, pleasing the senses, activating the appetite, womanizing, and sleeping during the solar Swara flow.

124. All kinds of harsh, cruel, deeds involving versatility and dynamism are successful during the flow of Pingala nadi.

125. If ida (lunar) Swara flows during one moment and Pingala (Solar) Swara flows during the second then such a flow of Swaras is called Sushumna flow. Know and remember that such destroys the fruit of all activities.

126. The fire of destruction is said to be residing in the Sushumna nadi. Know it to be the poison, destroyer of all the actions.

127. If Ida and Pingala nadis flow irregularly violating their flow then the consequences arising there from are inauspicious without any doubt.

128. When the Swara flow through Ida at one moment and through Pingala at the other then such a sequence of flow is said to be adverse. O Godess of boons, during such time the undesired results for all activities ensue.

129. The wise say that the simultaneous flow of both the Swaras is like the effects of poison. All actions, whether auspicious or inauspicious, good or bad, right or wrong are to be avoided during such times as they are not successful.

130. The question of life and death, profit and loss, victory and defeat and such subjects must be forgotten during the adverse flow of Swaras (Sushumna). During such time one must meditate and remember only the God of Universe.

131. The acts like contemplation, prayer to God, meditation, and yoga are to be performed at such times. Rest of the activities (pertaining to profit or loss, and selfishness and self-interest are to be avoided).

132. If the Sushumna Swara’s is intermingled with the flow of Pingala then both blessing and cursing are ineffective.

133. During the transition of Swaras and tatwas no work, with the exception of charitable deeds involving possession of merit, is to be done.

134. During the flow of irregular Swara one must not even mentally think of doing anything regarding travel. Travel is perilous and hazardous at such time, and may result even in death, have no doubts about it.

135. If the breath in lunar Swara flows towards front and upwards and right then it is must be considered as (Poorna) a complete Swara. If the Swara breath in Solar Swara is going down, backward, and right then it is to be considered as “Poorna” (complete) Solar Swara. Otherwise the Swaras are said to be empty. This knowledge of discerning the full (“poorna”) and empty (“rikta”) Swara must be possessed by the wise.

136. If a messenger arrives from left, front, or higher (upper) sides during the lunar Swara flow’ and from backwards, right or sitting downwards then it is auspicious.

137. If one remains without food during the flow of adverse nadi Sushumna, and if in such a state he acquires complete absorption with the element that is subtlest and beyond the beyond, then such merging is known as “Sandhya” by the wise.

138. As per the Swardodaya Science, the Vedas are not the celebrated and renowned texts, as we know them. That, which actively aids the realization of and absorption with supreme soul Paramatman is the real Veda.

139. Sandhya is just not “Sandhi” (meeting) of day & night. When the previously erratic prana starts to flow in Sushumna nadi, then it is the real Sandhi.

140. O Deva of Devas, Mahadeva! O redeemer of the whole universe! Do tell me about the secret knowledge that you keep in your heart.

141. There is no “ishtadevata” (cherished form of God) except the Science of Swara. The yogi who is engrossed in the Sadhana of knowing this science is the supreme yogi.

142. The creation emanates from the five elements and into them it dissolves. Therefore, the five elements are supreme. God alone is beyond them.

143. Through perfection in Yoga and from the Siddhies (supernatural powers) granted there from, the yogis must know and comprehend the name of these five elements. An expert in Swarodaya Science can know and differentiate the wicked person from their signs.

144. The person who has realized and seen this universe to be constituted by the five elements – namely earth, water, fire, air and other – is to be worshipped.

145. The bodies of all the beings in all ‘lokas” (planes of existence) are not made of different elements (but of same five basic elements). But there is a difference in constitution of nadis.

146. O Beautiful Godess! The rise of five elements in right and left Swaras has been described previously. Now listen, as I describe the eightfold Science of Tatwas (elements).

147. 1stly, the number of elements;2ndly, the “sandhis” (junction and conjunction of breaths); 3rdly, the signs of Swaras; and 4thly the place of Swaras.

148. The 5th part is colour and form of syllabus, 6th is prana, 7th relates to taste, in 8th section we have the signs and symptoms of the movement of tattwas.

149. In this way, eight types of prana vayu pervade the universe. O lotus eyed goddess, nothing is beyond the knowledge of Swaras.

150. By all means, the Swara must be watched and monitored right from the start of day. This yoga is deployed by the yogis to escape the grinds of time.

151. Block the ears with thumbs, close the two nostrils with the middle fingers, close the mouth with ring and little fingers, and press the eyes gently with the forefingers/index finger. (Practice Shanmukhi Mudra)

152. By doing this, the knowledge of all five elements, like earth etc. comes sequentially by careful observation and awareness. The earth appears yellow, water white, fire red, air dark black, and the sky appears multi-hued and strangely coloured.

153. Please breathe while looking at a mirror. The wise can acquire the knowledge of different tattwas by observing the shape and pattern formed on the mirror by the water vapours of breath.

154. If the shape formed on mirror is a square or quadrangle it indicates earth element, crescent moon indicates water, a triangle indicates fire, and a circle indicates air.

155. Earth element flows in the middle of breath, the breath endowed with water flows downwards, the swara/breath enmeshed with fire flows upwards and air flows slant, at an angle, the breath endowed with ether flows in both the Swaras.

156. Earth is yellow coloured, water white coloured, fire red, air cloud-blue, ether is multi-coloured (having all colours).

157. Fire is located in the shoulders, of a human, the air element resides at the root of navel, earth in the knees, water element in the end part of feet, and ether element resides in the head.

158. The earth element is sweet in taste, water astringent, fire’s taste is pungent, air element taste, sour, while ether element is bitter in taste.

159. The length of breath while the flow of active air element is eight finger’s(thickness) breath (angula); fire element four angulas long; the length of breath in earth element is twelve angulas (finger); and the water element sixteen angulas long.

160. The upward flow of breath while the fire element is active is deadly; the downward of breath when water is active element bestows peace; the slant and angular flow of breath during active air element is good for the rites of black magic (like “Uchchatan”); the middle ward flow of breath in earth element is good for paralyzing enemies and evil forces by black magical rites (“Stambhan”); the effect of active ether element is normal.

161. The acts involving steady, permanent, and long-lasting results get fructified if performed during active earth element; during the rise of water element moving work is (involving versatility and granting fleeting results) give success; during the pre-dominance of fire element harsh, difficult, demanding, and cruel tasks provide success; during air actions like killing via black magic (“Maran”) and making someone emotionally unstable or nervous (“Uchchatan”).

162. While the predominance of ether element is there, no work, except the practice of “Yoga Sadhana”, is to be done. Otherwise, all actions are sure to be fruitless and providing null/zero results.

163. The rise of Earth and water elements, bestows success; fire gives death; active air elements brings destruction; activeness of ether results in failure. The knowers of science of tattwas must know this.

164. When earth element is active the profit gets delayed; when water is active there is immediate success; loss and destruction ensue during the flow of air and fire elements, ether causes fruitless actions.

165. The signs of pre-dominance of earth element in a Swara are its yellow hue, slow motion, downward motion till the chin, heavy and deep sound, and warm temperature. It endows success in all steady works.

166. The breath having a pre-dominance of water element is downward flowing, heavy and deep sounded, fast flowing, cool in temperature and has a length of sixteen “angulas” (fingers).

167. The Swara / breath which is very hot, flowing in a circular motion & upward moving is having a pre-dominance of the fire element and has a length of four fingers. It is suitable only for performing harsh and cruel actions.

168. The Swara that is somewhat cold and somewhat hot, dark in colour, having a length of eight “angulas”, and having oblique motion has a pre-dominance of air. It brings success in dynamic, versatile activities.

169. The breath possessing the qualities of all elements in a balanced proportion is pre-dominated by ether element. This element bestows success to the yogis in their “Yoga”.

170. The earth element is yellow in colour, quadrangular shaped, flowing in the middle, and sweet in taste, it extends up to twelve angulas and provides sensual pleasures.

171. The water element is white coloured, crescent moon, shaped, astringent in taste, wet, having a length of sixteen “angulas”, and is auspicious and profit giving.

172. The fire element is red coloured, triangularly shaped, pungent in taste, upward, moving, radiating light, and has a length of four “angulas”.

173. The air element is blue-coloured, circular in shape, sour in taste, having an erractic and slant/oblique motion and is eight “angulars” long.

174. The ether element is unknowable and inaccessible due to its omni presence, unconquerable speed, colour, shape, and taste. It provides salvation (“moksha”) and renders all other pursuits fruitless when it flows.

175. Earth and Water are auspicious elements. The Fire element gives mixed results. Air and Ether can cause loss and deaths to persons.

176. The domain of Earth element is from East to West ; Fire resides in the South direction, the abode of Air is in the North ; the Ether element is situated in the centre of all directions.

177. If the earth or water elements get activated during the flow of lunar Swara (Ida) then, undoubtedly, there is success in auspicious arts.

If the fire element is active in Solar Swara (Pingala) then there is assured success in harsh and cruel activities.

178. The flow of earth element during the day and water element during the night is beneficial. Death ensues during the rise of fire element. The flow of Air element results in loss and destruction. Ether element may cause loss of dwelling place due to fire.

179. For the questions – regarding victory in life, profit, farming, wealth accumulation, the meaning of mantras, questions related to war and travel – earth element is considered to be auspicious.

180. During the earth element’s pre-dominance the enemy is stationary and immobile ; in water element the enemy is coming ; during air the enemy will go in another direction ; and during fire the enemy is there to destroy and kill you.

181. If someone questions you during the predominance of earth then he has some basic materialistic concerns in mind, if water or air is predominant then the questioners concern are for fellow human beings and creatures, if fire is active then he has concern with metals , stones and such articles. If ether is predominant then the mind of the questioner is free of all worries.

182. During the flow of earth the questioner is worried about the creatures having more than two legs. During Water and Air he is concerned about human beings, during the Fire element he is worried about his cattle, and during Ether he is worried about organisms with no feet and legs.

183. In the right Solar Swara Mars, Sun, Saturn and Neptune (“Rahu”) reside respectively in Fire, Earth, water and Air elements.

184. In the lunar swara Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus dwell, respectively, in water, Earth, Air and Fire elements. The above mentioned nine planets facilitate in the success of each endeavour.

185. As per this science, Earth signifies Mercury, Water is Moon, Fire is Sun and Mars is Saturn and Air is “Rahu” (Neptune).

186. If a question related to travel is asked and the Rahu resides in the air element of active Solar Swara then know that the traveler is commuting from one place to another.

187. If a question regarding the return of a traveler is asked while water element is active then the traveler is on his way to return, if Earth element is active then the traveler is at the same place. During the dominance of Air the traveler is somewhere else ( a place different to the destination). If fire is dominant then consider him to be dead.

188. During the dominance of Earth element the questioner wants to enquire about plants, trees. If the water element is dominant then he wants to enquire about auspicious works. During fire element the question in mind will be regarding metals and such substances. During ether he does not want to know about anything.

189. If during the flow of earth and water elements in body someone asks about the condition of a person who has migrated to another place then know it that the migrant is satisfied, well nourished, having sensual pleasures (like sex and games) victorious, and happy.

If fire or air is flowing then consider the migrant to be in lethargy or fever.

190. If the question is asked during the dominance of Ether element then know that the migrant is dead or nearing end of his life.

So must the practioners of the art of Tattwa Sadhana know the answers of the questions asked to them, as per dominance of elements.

191. In East, West, South and North the Earth , Water, Fire and air elements are powerful and dominant, respectively.

Origin of the Human Body.

192. O Boon Bestowing Goddess! Know that this body is but a constitution of five elements.

193. The five attributes of Earth element are bones, flesh, skin , nadis and hair of this body. Even the Vedanta substantiates this.

194. The five attributes of water element ( in human body) are semen /ova , blood, marrow, urine, and saliva. The Brahm Gyanis have said this.

195. The five attributes of fire – as per Brahm Gyanis – are hunger , thirst, sleep , effulgence and lethargy.

196. The five attributes of air – as per the Brahm Gyanis – are running , walking , secretion of glands, contraction and expansion.

197. The five attributes of Ether as mentioned by the Brahm Gyanis – are love or attachment, jealousy or malice, shyness, fear , and passionate bonding.

198. In the human body the earth element is 50 Palas (Parts) water in 40 Palas, Fire 30 Palas, Air 20 Palas, and Ether 10 Palas.(Pal is a unit of time, 150 pal equals to one hour.)

199. If the Earth elements flows in the active Swara then there is delayed profit. In water element one get instantaneous benefit. The profit is meager in Air element . In the dominance of fire element even the accomplished gains will be spoiled.

200. Earth has five attributes, water has four, fire has three, air has two, and ether one. Everyone must know this proportion of element’s attributes.

201. Various types of Swaras produced during the dominance of Earth element – like producing hissing and sibilant noise, broken sound, torn sound, and downward sound grant results in all works.

202. The “nakshatras” (constellations) of Earth element are “Dhanishtha” (Delphini), “Rohini” (Aldebaran), “Jyestha” (Antares), “Anuradha” (Scorpionis) , “Shravana” (Aquitae) , “Abhijit(Vega), and “Uttarashada” /”Uttarakhada “ (Sagigtari).

203. O Beloved! The “nakshatras” of water element are “poorvashadha” /”Poorvakhada” (Sagittari), Aashelesha” (Hydarae) , “Moola (Scorpionis), “Aardra” (Betelgeuse), “Revati” (Piscium), “Uttaraabhaadrapaada” (Andromedae), and “Shatabhishaa” (Aquarii).

204. O Beloved ! The constellations of fire are “Bharani” ( 41/35 Arietis) , “Krittikaa” (Tauri), “Pushya” (Cancri), “Maagha” (Regular), “Poorvaphalguni (Leonis) “Poorvabhaadrapaada” (pegasi), and “Swati” (Bootis).

205. The constellations of Air element are “Vishaakhaa” (Librae), “Uttaraaphaalguni” (Lionis) , “Hasta” (corvi), “Chitraa” (Virginis) , “Punarvasu” (Geminorium ) and (“Mrighshiraa” Orionis).

206. If a messenger sits towards the side of active Swara while asking about auspicious or inauspicious affairs then all such affairs will be successful and will have a positive bearing. If he sits towards the side of non-active swara then all the actions will be rendered fruitless.

207. The answers to questions asked by someone regarding the success of any venture will be in negative during the flow of solar Swara – even if it is flowing in its full strength along with the dominance of auspicious and beneficial elements in it.

Conversely, the answers to question asked regarding the success of any venture will be in affirmative during the flow of the lunar Swara.

208. Lord Shri Rama achieved victory during the flow of auspicious elements only. Similarly, Arjuna was also victorious due to the dominance of favourable elements. All the Kauravaas were killed due to the dominance of unfavorable elements.

209. Only by the grace of Guru, or due to the “Sanskaaras” (inherent tendencies) from previous lives does the desire and capacity to know the science of Tattwas arise in the hearts of a selected few possessing good souls.

210. “Lam” is the “beeja mantra” (seed sound) of the earth element. The form for concentration / mediation on earth element is golden yellow in colour, square in shape, and having a pleasant smell. By meditating in this way on earth element and, simultaneously, chanting the “Lam” bija mantra one gets lightness of body.

211. The bija of Moon element is “Vam”. If, while chanting “Vam” bija one concentrates on the form of shining crescent moon the ability to bear and overcome hunger and thirst is achieved. Also, one can live in water for a long time without drowning.

212. By concentrating on fire element in the form of shimmering , shining , radiating red triangle and chanting the beeja “Ram” one gets the ability to consume and digest huge quantities of food and fluids. One also achieves the ability to bear excessive temperatures.

213. By mediating on Air element having a dark circular form, alongwith the chant of “Yam” bija one gets the ability to fly in the sky like birds.

214. “Ham” bija is employed to mediate on formless, multi-hued ether element. By meditating on it one becomes omniscient and attains the eight supernatural powers like Anima etc.

215. There is no greater wealth than the presence of an expert practitioner of Swara Yoga because, with the knowledge of Swaras all actions bear fruit without any effort.

The Devi Said

216. O God of all Gods, Mahadeva ! Please explain to me how does one acquire the knowledge of past, present and future through the knowledge of Swaras.

Lord Shiva Spoke :

217. O Beauty ! Without the knowledge of the science of Swaras the knowledge about auspicious/inauspicious acts like accumulation of wealth , victory, time , death etc. (and of the questions pertaining to them) cannot be had.

218. In the tattwas ( and their flow) do reside auspicious / inauspicious deeds, victory and defeat, abundance and famine / want. Hence, the tattwas (elements) are stated to be the cause of past, present and future.

Devi Spoke

219. O Deva of Devas, Mahadeva ! What is the essence of this ocean of existence (world)? Who is the best friend and accomplice of humans in this world? Through what can all desires be fulfilled and all acts accomplished?

Lord Shiva Spoke

220. O fair faced Goddess! Prana is the ultimate friend. There is no friend or companion in the universe better than prana.

Devi Spoke

221. How does the air element dwell in Prana ? How do the yogis discern the prana flowing in the tattwas (elements)

Lord Shiva Spoke

222. In the metaphorical city of body, air is the security guard. Its length is ten “angulas” while inhalation and twelve “angular” during exhalation.

223. While walking its length is twenty – four “angular”, while running forty-two, during sexual inter course its length is sixty five angulas, and hundred during deep sleep.

224. O Devi ! The length of prana is normally twelve “angulas” (fingers). While eating or vomiting it becomes eighteen.

225. If, through the practice of yoga, a yogi is able to decrease the length of his breath (“Prana”) by one “angula” he achieves desire lessness, the reduction of breath (“prana”) by two fingers grants bliss, by reduction of three “angulas” he get sexual power.

226. Reduction by four “angulas” gives the power that one’s words materialize, reduction of breath by five angulas grants the supernatural power to see all the objects anywhere in the universe ; reduction by six fingers grants the power of levitation ; reduction by seven grants enormous speed.

227. Reduction of prana by eight angulas grants eight “siddhis” (supernatural powers), reduction by nine grants nine kinds of wealth (“nidhis”); ten provides ten different forms to the practioner ; reduction by eleven fingers grants shadowlessness.

228. If the yogi is able to reduce the length of the prana by twelve angulas he attains the state of a “Hansa” and starts enjoying the bliss of drinking the nectar of Ganga.

The yogi who can fill his whole body with Prana from toes to head to fingernails does not require food and drink for survival.

229. Thus, the detailed technique of application of the science of prana has been mentioned. It grants success everywhere and always. It can be known through Guru’s instructions only. No knowledge of scriptures is required (as they won’t suffice).

230. If, by chance, the lunar swara is not flowing in the dawn time and Solar Swara is not flowing at the time of dusk. Then they will definitely flow at 12 noon and midnight, respectively.

231. Lunar Swara grants victory in battles in / with far off countries. Solar Swara in nearby lands. To ensure success, one must start or move out of house by putting forward the same foot which corresponds to that side of active Swara.

232. Lunar Swara grants success and happiness in auspicious activities like starting a journey, marriage, or entering a city (such acts must be performed during the flow of Lunar Swara Ida).

233. If by one’s good fortune one is blessed with the flow and activation of the presiding deities of a direction along with the swara that corresponds to those elements in their attributes , then he can even paralyze the whole army of enemies by a mere hissing of his / her breath. He / she won’t get trouble and tribulations even in “Baikuntha”, the abode of Lord Vishnu.

234. One who continuously recites the mantra “Jivam Raksha” and makes the vibrations caused by this Mantra cloth his whole body during a war survives the war victoriously. He even conquers the whole earth.

235. One must undertake and perform journey for auspicious and peaceful activities during the flow of earth and water elements.

For dynamic, difficult and cruel actions, undertake journey during the flow of Air and fire elements.

Journeying for any kind of activity is to be avoided during the flow of Ether element.

236. During a battle or war one must hold the weapon on the same side & with the same hand that corresponds to the active Swara. This bestows victory.

237. By drawing in and holding Prana inside while mounting any vehicle one accomplishes all deeds.

238. If the opponent’s army is standing towards the side of Shoonya Swara (empty Swara) and one’s own army is towards poorna Swara, then victory in war is assured.

239. If one starts ones journey by putting forward the foot that corresponds to active Swara in the direction of its presiding deity, one gets success.

240. One must start the battle after performing the mudras (kata) only. By doing Sarpa Mudra, one gets success in all activities.

241. When accomplished warriors go to battle during either lunar or solar Swara’s flow, they get victorious if the Air element is flowing fully in those Swaras. If the Ether element is active then they taste defeat.

242. The one who fights a battle by drawing his prana till ear on the same side on which the active swara is flowing along with the air element cannot be defeated even by Lord Indra.

243. One, who draws in the prana till the ear towards the same side which corresponds to the active swara while that Swara’s air element is active and flowing, conquers even lord Indra – King of all Devas.

244. By safeguarding one’s body from the attacks and blows of the enemies in this manner one cannot be defeated by powerful enemies.

245. One who produces sound from his / her thumb, tip of index finger, and the big toe during the battle that brave warrior defeats lakhs of enemies.

246. The warrior who leaves for battle during the predominance of air element in either Ida or Pingala, safeguards (his territory from) all the four directions.

247. If a messenger speaks his desired thought at the time of inhalation then his words will be fulfilled. If he speaks during exhalation the results are contrary.

248. All the actions / deeds pertaining to profit, gain etc. questioned or answered at the time of inhalation get accomplished. The results are negative if the same is asked / answered during exhalation.

249. A man’s right Swara, and a woman’s left Swara are auspicious. During battle, “kumbhaka” (breath retention) is good. Thus, the three nadis have three different movements and results.

250. How can there be the knowledge of the science of Swaras without the knowledge and differentiation of the syllables “ha” and “sa” ? The living beings get victorious with the knowledge (through repetition ) of the mantras ‘Soham” and “Ham-Sa.

251. By inhaling through the closed Swara (and retaining the breath inside), one must protect the active swara (which will grant victory-if it is guarded). Without this trick if one fights a battle with a closed Swara, one might lose one of the body-organs in the battle.

252. If a question is asked by someone during the flow of solar and lunar swara and the questioner is on the same side which corresponds to the active Swara then there is no affliction/injury to the body. If the question is asked during the flow of Sushumna under the same circumstances then there is injury.

253. During such question if earth element is active then one gets injured in stomach area, if water is active then in the foot area, in case of fire the thighs are injured, if air is active then the hands get the injury.

254. If ether element is active then there is head injury. Thus, these five kinds of injuries during battle are described in the Swara shastra.

255. In lunar Swara the king defeats the enemy and his invading armies while being in his own country. During solar swara’s flow he defeats the enemy in the battlefield (or in enemy’s country).

256. If there is any doubt regarding victory then check the flow of nadis. If Sushumna flows during the battle then there is a grave danger from the enemy.

257. By facing the same direction and fighting in the same direction that corresponds to the active Swara one’s victory is assured. There is no need to think otherwise.

258. The invading armies of enemies is defeated and conquered if the lunar Swara of the general / King of invaded country is flowing.

259. The king of invading army conquers the Gods, demons, and human if he battles during the flow of solar Swara.

260. The invader is defeated during the flow or Lunar Swara. He acquires territory during Sushumna’s flow and is victorious during the flow of Pingala.

261. During the flow of “Poorna Swara” if question regarding battle is asked by two persons then the first to ask question is victorious while the second is conquered by his enemy. Whereas, during the flow of “Shoonya Swara” if question/s regarding battle is asked by two persons, the first to ask is conquered and captured, and the second to ask the question is victorious.

262. If one goes to the battle field during the flow of “Poorna (fully active) Swara then his /her enemy escapes from the battlefield during “Shoonya (closed) Swara he battles. If the enemy is kept by him towards the side of “shoonya” (closed) Swara then the enemy definitely is killed.

263. If a questioner comes from the left side during the flow of Ida (lunar) nadi and asks question regarding victory etc. then – if the total sum of all the letters of that question in even (like 2,4,6 etc.) then success is there. If the sum total of all the alphabets/letters is odd (1,3,5) then loss and defeat occur.

264. If a question regarding battle/war is asked during the flow of Ida then there must be a compromise. If the question is asked during Pingala’s flow then battle must happen.

265. If a battle is started during the flow of earth element then the result of battle (loss, defeat, victory gains) will more or less be equal for both the sides. Victory is assured during the flow of water element, during the dominance of fire there is a loss of body’s organ, and during the dominance of air or ether death ensues.

266. If, due to mental disturbance/incapacity or, for any other reason, one does not know about the flow of his Swara, he must act in the following manner.

267. With single-minded concentration one must drop a flower from his hand. That side of the body where the flower lands is the side of “Poorna” (fully active) Swara. The other side is the side of “Shoonya” Swara.

268. If, while standing or sitting, one draws in his Prana with complete concentration and steadiness of mind he is successful everywhere in all the activities.

269. If one is stable, established, and firm (i.e. meditating intensely) during the flow of Sushumna then death, time, various dangerous and horrible weapons, snakes, enemies, thieves, and any troubles and tribulations are unable to cause any trouble to him.

270. One must mediate upon the “Jiva” (his own self or “atman”) . Upon its creation right from the beginning, to its establishment in the human body via the support and movement of “Vayu” – the air element. One must be immersed in this play throughout, thoroughly and forever. By dong this, one is victorious in game of life (i.e. attains liberation). This game is as dicey as gambling.

271. All other kinds of power (even if multiplied trillion fold) are useless against the power of Swara. The knower of the science of Swara is always more powerful in this world as well as in the next.

272. The power acquired via the knowledge of Swaras for kings is equal to thousand, ten thousand, and even lakhs of other brave warriors. Whereas, the power acquired by Lord Indra and other gods through the knowledge of Swara Science is millions of times more.

273. Devi said: O Shiv Ji! you have described and explained the ways to achieve victory in wars between the humans only. But, what about the war with “Yama” – the God of Death? How can one secure victory in a battle with him (How can one become immortal)?

274. Lord Shiva Said: By mediating upon God with one-pointed mind while, simultaneously, perform “kumbhaka” (breath retention) during the flow of Sushumna This kind of “homa” (Sacred offering) bestows the fulfillment of all desires, victory, and other immense gains.

275. From the infinite formless God has this world of forms originated. By the realization of God (through the method just mentioned) one perceives this world of forms and shapes as formless, instantaneously.

276. Devi said : You have just mentioned the techniques for securing victory with men and “yama” (“Death” , or god of death). Now, O God of all Gods and Goddesses please describe the science and art of enchanting and bewitchment.

277. Lord Shiva replied : The “Rishis” have said that if a woman’s lunar Swara is inhaled and pulled by a man through his solar Swara and retained in his “anahata Chakra” – heart’s space – then that woman remains under the spell of that man through out her life.

278. Whosoever puts his active Swara in the active Swara of a woman and then inhales her active Swara with his active Swara and thereby puts it into his “anahata Chakra” controls the soul of that woman.

279. A man who drinks the Sushumna Swara of a lady while she is asleep during the last three hours of night, captivates her.

280. If a man gives his lunar Swara to a woman after her Sushumna Swara has ended while, simultaneously, chanting, the eight syllable mantra (Om Namo Narayana) —enchants that woman.

281. If a man drinks the lunar Swara of a lady with his solar Swara – while she is asleep or while having, intercourse, or making love – he becomes as attractive as cupid.

282. During sexual intercourse if a man’s solar swara and a woman’s lunar swara are united, or if he unites his lunar swara with a woman’s solar swara, then he can enchant even a hundred women.

283. If the relation occurs between a man and woman at odd no. of times (3,7,9) while a woman’s lunar swara and man’s solar swara are flowing and united then the woman becomes under control. Also, if the act is done at even no. of (2,4,6)times when a woman’s solar Swara and a man’s lunar Swara are flowing and are united the woman is under complete control.

284. While sucking in her lunar or solar Swara like a snake if a man simultaneously kisses her half –open lotus –like lips repeatedly then she is captivated.

285. The man must keep on kissing the woman on her lotus lips till she falls asleep. Later, when she just gets up, he must kiss her throat and eyes.

286. O Supreme Goddess! By following these techniques the lustful man can captivate and bewitch all women. This method of enchantment and captivation of women must not be disclosed to anyone. This is my command.

287. If the sexual intercourse is performed on the fifth day after the menstrual cycle, while a woman’s lunar Swara and man’s solar Swara is flowing, then a son can be conceived.

288. After the menstrual cycle, if during the flow of water or earth elements – the herb “Shankhballi” mixed in cow’s milk is taken by a woman then she must pray three times to her husband for granting her pregnancy.

289. If, after the menstrual cycle is over, the woman takes the “Shankhballi” drink after bathing, she gives birth to a son who is very handsome, good looking , and brave as a lion.

290. If the solar Swara flows after Sushumna and the sexual intercourse is performed then a crippled and ugly son is conceived.

291. After the menstrual cycle is over, if sexual intercourse is performed during day or night on odd numbered days (1,3,5,7 etc.) while the male’s solar Swara and female’s lunar swara alongwith fire element is active, then even a barren woman will get a child.

292. If the act is performed at the beginning of fertile period while the solar swara of husband and the lunar swara of wife is flowing then even an infertile wife is also blessed with a son.

293. If the husband solar swara is flowing at the beginning of the intercourse and the act ends with the flow of lunar swara in the husband then all except the luckless ones are blessed with a son.

294. if a question is asked regarding child birth during the flow of lunar nadi Ida then one gets a daughter; if the question is asked during the flow of Pingala then a son is born. If the Sushumna is flowing then there is miscarriage.

295. If the earth element is pre-dominant during the time of question then a daughter is born, if water element is dominant then a son is born, if air dominates then a girl-child, if fire then there is abortion or miscarriage, if ether an impotent or eunuch is born.

296. While questioning about child birth if the lunar swara is flowing then a girl child is born, if solar swara flows a son is born, in Sushumna, an eunuch is born. If the messenger/questioner is towards the side of “Poorna” Swara, then a son will be born.

297. O Beauty! if the question is asked during “Shoonya” (Void) Swara then there is no child, during the flow of both swaras twins are born, during mixed and alternating swaras there is miscarriage. Such is mentioned by the knowers of this science.

298. If the child is conceived during the dominance of air element, the child will be of melancholy disposition; if he is conceived during the dominance of water element then he becomes famous and prosperous; during fire either abortion will take or the child will be short-lived. If earth is pre-dominant then a prosperous, brave and hedonistic child is born.

299. If a child’s conception takes place during the dominance of water then the child born will be wealthy, happy, hedonistic, and fortunate. During ether, there is a miscarriage.

300. During the pre-dominance of earth element, a virtuous and good child will be born. If water is dominant then a girl child is born. During the dominance of other elements there is either miscarriage or abortion or else the child dies soon after birth.

301 If, suddenly, the lunar swara flows during the flow of solar swara or vice-versa then one must ask about the consequence from the Guru only. The Vedas and crores of other Shastra are of no avail in this regard.

302. The wise yogi must reflect about the elements during the first day of the brighter fortnight Chaitra (March & April) month at the morning time before dawn, when the sun moves towards north.

303. If at such time the earth, water, or air element is dominant alongwith the flow of lunar Swara then there will be an abundance of wheat and good grains during that year.

304. If fire or ether element is active at that time then there in a fear of great suffering due to famine and food shortage. Thus, one must calculate the results of the forthcoming days, months and years in advance through the tatwas.

305 The Sushumna nadi is cruel and adverse for all activities. If one performs any kind of activity during its flow (except yoga Sadhna), he inevitably suffers affiliations like destruction of country, epidemics, sorrows, sufferings, etc.

306. The knowers of tatwa must examine the swaras during sun’s transition into the constellation of Aries. And they must predict the year’s forthcoming events accordingly.

307. If the earth or water element is pre-dominant during this time then the results are auspicious. If fire, air, or ether element is dominant then the results are inauspicious. Thus, one must calculate the proceedings of days, months, and year to come.

308. If the earth element is active and dominant during this time then there will be an abundance of food, superior farming, greater yield, prosperity, and overall development of the country.

309 If on this day the water element is active then there are excellent rains, abundant food, freedom from disease, happiness, prosperity and abundance of food grains.

310 The dominance of fire elements foretells famine, destruction of one’s nation, destruction of food-grains, and scanty rainfall.

311 If during sun’s transition into Aries the air elements is active then it foretells trouble, calamity, destruction by both natural and man-made disasters, fear, and scanty rainfall.

312 If the ether element dominates at that time then there is a want of happiness, food-grains etc.

313 If one inhales the “Poorna” Swara at that time then there is a production of food-grains. If the solar or lunar swara is flowing erratically or irregularly then the storing of food-grains is beneficial because there will be an acute shortage of food-grains.

314 If the fire element is active along with the flow of solar swara and also the ether element seems to be getting activated during the sun’s transition into Aries, then one must start storing food-grains because there will be steep inflation in price within two months.

315 If, during this time, the solar Swara flows at night and the lunar Swara in the morning alongwith the dominance of either air, fire, or ether elements, then hell like conditions prevail on earth itself.

Question regarding Disease

316 If a question is asked regarding disease and during questioning the earth element is active then the disease is caused by the bad karmas in the previous birth. If water is active then the disease is caused by the imbalance of “Kapha dosha” (cough humour) in the body. If fire is dominant then the disease is caused by the Goddess Shakini residing in /nearby patient’s village or hills surrounding it, or it is caused due to the unhappy deceased ancestors.

317 If the questioner initially sits on the side of the “Shoonya”(closed) Swara and then shifts towards the “poorna” (active) Swara then even a person in deep coma will survive.

318 If somebody questions regarding the disease while sitting towards the Poorna Swara then the patient – though afflicted by many diseases will survive.

319 If a questioner comes during Solar Swara and says a terrible thing (regarding patient’s disease) then also he will survive. Such is the result while the lunar swara is flowing.

320 If the image of the patient is accurately visualized by answerer (as per the description of questioner) and if gets stabilized in his mind then the patient survives.

321 If the questioner asks about the well being of a patient while the solar or lunar Swara of the answerer is just entering his body and if the questioner is facing the people sitting there then the patient gets well.

322 If the questioner’s standing level is below the level of “Jivanga” of the answerer then the patient survives. Otherwise consider him dead.

323 If the questioner sits towards the “shoonya” nadi” (closed swara) and utters confusing words, and appears in a confused state, and the swara is flowing erratically then adverse results are to be expected.

324 If the prana of the answerer is flowing in the lunar swara and the questioner is sitting towards the solar swara then inspite of being surrounded by hundreds of doctors the patient will die.

325 If the questioner is sitting towards left and the answerers solar swara is flowing then the patient (about whom the question is asked) dies even if Lord Shiva himself comes and tries to save him.

326 If one element flows erratically then disease comes. If two elements flow erratically then one has to face separation from friends, brothers, and relatives.

If the Swaras flow irregularly for a month then death ensues.


327. The wise scholars must examine the possibility of death by checking the flow of air in the swaras at the beginning of a month, fortnight , and year, respectively.

328. The lamp of human body which is made of five elements, is nourished by the oil of breath (Lord Shiva) and the ‘Prana’ (life force) is guarded by Sun (Swaras) via air.

329. A person who guards his solar breath through “Prananayama” (breath control) throughout the day and releases it after the sunset lives for quite a long duration.

330. Person who does this yoga Sadhana is blessed with nectar flowing from the bindu charka – and he becomes immortal.

331. A person who prevents the solar and lunar swaras from flowing during the day and night, respectively, inevitably becomes a perfected yogi.

332. If the same swara flows throughout the day and night then such person dies within three years.

333. If the Solar Swara of a person flows for two consecutive days and nights incessantly then he dies within two years. Such has been said by knowers of tattwas (prophets).

334. These prophets say that if the same swara flows for three consecutive days and nights then such person dies within an year.

335. If the solar swara of a person flows during the day and his lunar swara flows at the night, continuously then know that he will be dead in six months time.

Signs of impending Death

336. One must observe the reflection of sun in a bronze pot filled with water. If the reflection of sun is seen cut, missing or fading towards the south then death comes in six months ( for the observer), if seen cut, fading , or missing towards western direction then death comes in three months ; if in east death comes within one month ; if the sun’s reflection seems to have a hole in its centre then the observer will die within ten days ; if sun appears to be covered with smoke then the observer dies on the same day. The omniscient sages have said this.

Symptoms of the messenger

337. If the messenger who has come to ask about the well – being of a patient is wearing a red, saffron or black coloured clothes, and he has an oily shaven head, broken teeth , along with a rope, giving complete answers to questions , his body smeared with ash and embers having a noose, skull , or pestle in hand, or if he comes during the sunset and he sits towards the side of “Shoonya Swara” then believe that the patient is surrounded with death.

338. If a person, who is sad, suddenly becomes alright and starts getting excited then know that he is showing signs of delirium.

339. Now I will describe in detail the symptoms along with their effects in a person whose body is getting cold and his temperament getting erratic.

340. A person to whose ears wicked words appear pleasant and pleasant words wicked repents later on and dies.

341. If someone’s forceful exhalation through the nose is cold and his forceful exhalation through mouth is hot as fire he will surely die – even if the foremost doctor of medicine is trying to save him.

342. A person to whose eyes even one of these is invisible – his own tongue, sky, pole star, the milky way galaxy, the star Arundhati, Moon,Venus, Agatsya, route of gods then known he is definitely going to die.

Signs of Death

343. One who cannot see the halo of the rising sun, halo of moon, and sees fire sans radiance dies within eleven months.

344. One who while sleeping or awake sees human excreta , gold or silver in a pond will live for ten months.

345. A person who sees gold and glowing lamps as black coloured, and to whose eyes all the beings appear disfigured dies in nine months.

346. If a fat person suddenly becomes thin and vice-versa, if a dark complexioned man suddenly becomes glittering like gold , if brave becomes timid, pious becomes impious, mentally calm man becomes fickle-minded then he dies in eight months.

347. If someone feels pain in the palm of the hand , at the root of the tongue, if his blood becomes balckish in colour, or if he feels too much of pain while being pricked by sharp object then such person dies within seven months.

348. If the three middle fingers of hand do not bend, if the throat gets dry without sickness, and he asks stupid questions then his age is six months more.

349. A person who cannot remember the acts done by him in past dies in the fifth months.

350. One whose eyes are devoid of light and whose both eyes feel pain dies after four months.

351. If someone does not feel any pain on the pressing of his teeth, gums and testicles he has an age of three months more.

352. Now I will describe in brief the ways to calculate the proximity or distance of death as per “Shivagam” (Shiva’s Scripture)

353 After going alone to a lonely jungle and keeping sun behind one’s backside one must single-mindedly concentrate on the throat area of his shadow.

354. Then one must look towards the sky and chant the mantra “Hrim Parabrahmane Namah” one hundred and eight times. Doing, thus one sees the form of Lord Shiva.

355. The form of Lord Shiva, thus seen, is pure white like crystal. Lord Shiva appears to the practitioner in myriad other forms. If such practitioner continues this practice for six months becomes the master of living beings. If he continues till two years then he himself might become lord Shiva – the lord of creation, preservation, and destruction.

356. With regular practice he becomes the knower of past, present and future and he experiences “Paramananda” (Supreme ecstasy). Nothing in this universe remains impossible for him.

357. If someone sees the form of lord Shiva as dark in colour, in a clear sky, has an age of mere six months . There is no doubt in that.

358. If the form of Lord Shiva ( in sky) is seen as yellow – coloured then diseases come , if red then he will have fear , if blue then he will undergo loss. If lord Shiva’s form appears as multi-hued then the practitioner gets perfection (“siddhi”)

359. If, during observing his shadow in the lonely jungle, the practitioner sees his feet, ankles or belly missing then know that his life span has ended.

360. If the practitioner sees his left arm’s shadow missing then his spouse will die. If the right arm is missing then the brother or kinsmen will die and he himself will also expire.

361. If the shadow of head is not visible then the practitioner dies in a month. If the thighs or shoulders are missing then he will die in eight days. If there is no shadow visible then the practitioner is already dead.

362. If, while observing one’s shadow in the morning – while standing with the sun behind, one’s lips or finger’s shadow is missing then the death comes in a second ; if the shadow of ears, shoulders, hands, face, backside, and chest is not seen then he dies in half-a-second, if his head’s shadow is missing and if he is spooky then he dies in six months.

363. If a person’s Solar Swara flows continuously for sixteen days he faces death within the remaining days of the month.

364. If the Solar Swara of a person remains active without break then he dies within a fortnight. This has been said by the knowers of time.

365. If a person’s urine, excreta , and wind are expelled simultaneously know that his “prana” (vital power / life force) is weak, he dies in ten days.

366. The omniscient sages have said that if a person’s lunar swara is always active he dies within a month.

367. If a person is unable to see the pole star, Arundhati Star & sky and Maatrikamandal then such person’s lifespan has ended.

368. In the above couplet (“Shloka”) Arundhati, Pole star, sky, and Maatrikamandal” are the symbolical representations of tongue, the tip of the nose, eyebrows, and the seven divine mothers.

369. If one is unable to see the shadow of his eyebrows, he dies in nine days, if he does not hear any sound after closing his ears he dies in seven days, if the stars are invisible to him he dies in five days , If his nose is invisible then he dies in three days and if his tongue is invisible he dies in a day.

370. If one does not see the shining stars in the corners of one’s eyes after pressing them with the tips of fingers then such a person dies within ten days

371. One escapes death by holy pilgrimages ,charity ,penance , reciting mantras, mediation , yoga sadhana, and virtuous acts.

372. Bad and immoral conduct, fault in bowel movements and sperm’s non-preservation destroy the body. Balanced prana (and its sub types) increase one’s strength, vitality and vigour.

373. Since this body is a means of “dharma” (righteous conduct) “artha” (accumulation of wealth), “Kama” (enjoyment of the pleasures of the senses) and “moksha” (liberation, freedom from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth) therefore it must be preserved. By practice of yoga one must remove all the physical faults and ailments. Otherwise, these ailments take the form of incurable disease and kill the patient (since they cannot be treated by any means)

374. A person in whose heart originates and flows the eternal, unparalled and moon like illuminating knowledge of Swara yoga, does not have the fear of death even in his dream.

Section on Samadhi

375. The Lunar Swara Ida is symbolized by the river Ganga, Yamuna symbolizes the solar nadi Pingala, Saraswati is Sushumna. The knowledge of merging these three nadis must be known as prayaga ( the place of confluence of these three rivers).

376. Initially, the means of instant result achievement was described. Now the yogi must in Padmasana (the lotus posture) and practice Uddiyana Bandha – retaining the apana air at the navel.

377. To purify their bodies the yogis must know and practice “puraka” (inhalation) “kumbhaka” (retention) and “rechaka” (exhalation).

378. The Pooraka pranayama maintains the equanimity of the essential minerals & ingredients of the body. It can bestow life enhancing nectar in the body by specific pranayams & yogic practices . Kumbhaka maintains the body in its present condition and safeguards the body.

379. The “Rechaka” pranayama destroys all the evil karmas. Thus, by doing all these three pranayams one becomes a yogi. After these three pranayams the mind gets steady therefore one must start practicing Sadhana to conquer death methodically.

380. The wise person must inhale through his solar Swara and then perform Kumbhaka (breath retention) and then exhale through his lunar swara.

381. One who incessantly drinks his lunar swara wit his solar swara and his solar swara with his lunar swara, without the consideration of time of their flow, lives till the life of moon and stars.

382. One who restrains the active nadi as well as his mouth from breathing, simultaneously, achieves youthfulness even if he is quite old.

383. O Beloved ! The process of closing the mouth , nostrils , ears and eyes is known as “Shanmukhi Mudra” . This bestows knowledge of tattwas.

384. The form, colour, motion, taste, region and other attributes of five elements can be known by the practice of “Shanmukhi Mudra” and the Swara science.

385. A yogi who is free from desires, sins, and expectation who does not think about the objects of senses, obtains victory over death like a child’s play.

386. A yogi whose minds get steady and thoughtless even for one “Yama” (three hours) acquires the power of seeing, knowing, and experiencing the entire universe through his eyes.

387. The age of such a person increases at the rate of three “ghatikas” per day. Lord Shiva has himself mentioned this in a tantra describing the qualities of Siddhas.

388. They are blessed , who sitting in “Padmasana” (lotus posture) stop their “apana vayu” and take it upwards and combine it with their prana vayu and take these combined vayus to the “Sahasrara Chakra” via the “Sushumna Randhra” via Sushumna nadi and then release the combined prana in the sky.

389. Such devotees of Lord Shiva go to the abode of Lord Shiva via sky after their death.

390. The “Sadhaka” (practitioner) who reads and practices this text daily gets perfected in this science.

391. The master practitioner of swara science has Lakshmi (prosperity, fortune) as her slave. He always enjoys physical pleasures.

392. Just like “Omkara” is eulogized by all Vedas, and Lord Sun by all Brahmanas, Similarly, the master practitioner of Swara Science is the best and worshipped in this ephemeral world.

393. Even the trillion-fold knowledge and possession of material wealth, herbs and other chemicals is nothing as compared to the knowledge of the three nadis and tattwas.

394. There is nothing on earth to repay the debt of that Guru who has imparted the knowledge of even a single syllable of the Swara Science.

395. In this Swara Shastra the details regarding the flow of Swaras along with their results, the knowledge of tattwas (and how to employ them for one’s well being), war (method of winning), the captivation and enchantment of women , details regarding, child-conception , and disease, etc. have been described in half–a-measure only.

396. As per the yogis and siddhas the recitation of this text duringthe solar and lunar eclipses bestows siddhi (perfection). The yogi must practice moderation in food and sleep, and concentrate on “Paramatma” (the supreme soul) steadily and realize him.

Thus, ends the Swarodaya Shastra. The scripture which is in the form of a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.