Raising up women and girls in the society

They say “happy wife – happy life”.

Worship empowers. Warship disempowers.

These words resonate with anyone who has ever fallen in love and floated in air with a myriad of butterflies beating their wings of appreciation…

Unfortunately, as we grow older we learn that the first impression of falling into love wears off as fast as the process of falling was unfolding. As we mature the perception of our own Self, we learn to walk or to step into love. This conscious approach has a wonderful side-effect where the responsiveness and responsibility become our second (or the first) nature.

From relationships with a mother as an unconditional source of energy – through acquiring the body, food, affection, education, health, principles and learning about the natural law, we slowly mature into a grown up sovereign, independently thinking, whole person with full potential of evolution presenting itself.

However, deep-rooted trauma, the suppressed emotions and shocking impressions hinder that developmental process and suspend our ability to relate to others in a benevolent way, favourable for our spiritual growth. This dents on our psyche make mental and energy layers of our being contract, as if being squished by the webs, producing tension and disempowered bits in the physical body, which we identify as a dis-ease.

Doing work on self healing, exploring the most efficient techniques of self-development brings us to realisation that the society in which maternal and paternal figures are out of sync, where the whole source of life is negligently abused, are experiencing the downfall of the fundamental principles of high ethics, harmony and education. The barren soil feeds no one.

Raising up the most vulnerable elements of the society, starting with our own women and girls, we open our ears to hear and eyes to see what the Mother Earth is feeling. When we feel for our own mother, we feel for our own brother.

Raise up empowered women to get beautiful life

Hari Om. Matarishvan