โ€œAgni – Vedic GodAgni is the master of sacrifices and wealth. No sacrifice is complete without his presence. His presence makes the sacrifice successful because he sends those sacrifices to the gods. He is the messenger as well as the priest of gods. He is kind and giving and loved by many. He is depicted as having 2 heads, 6 eyes, 7 hands, 3 legs and 4 horns with a pot belly and long flowing hair.He is said to be a son of Dyaus and Prithivi; he is also called the son of Brahma, and is then named Abhimani; and he is reckoned amongst the children of Kasyapa and Aditi, and hence one of the Adityas. In the later writings of hinduism, he is described as a son of Angiras, king of the Pitris (fathers of mankind), and the authorship of several hymns is ascribed to him.The 7 Names of AgniAgni has many names: Vahni (who receives the hom, or burnt sacrifice); Vitihotra, (who sanctifies the worshipper); Dhananjaya (who conquers riches); Jivalana (who burns); Dhumketu (whose sign is smoke); Chhagaratha (who rides on a ram); Saptajihva (who has seven tongues).โ€