“Varuna is the ruler of the world and enforcer as well as upholder of law and order in this world. He has supreme Varuna – Vedic Godknowledge and knows everything happening in this world. He is the protector of this world. Everything in this world happens through his wishes. He has thousand eyes and oversees the whole world. Hence he is the God of the moral law. He punishes those who transgress from this law but forgives them out of compassion if they repent and pray. By activating Vayu, the lord of the wind, he sustains life by giving rain and crops. Though Varuna was the chief deity in the beginning, he seems to have yielded his place later on to Indra and Prajapati.

In the subsequent mythological literature Varuna is described as the presiding deity of the western quarter and as the lord of oceans, water and aquatic animals.He is depicted as a rider of chariots pulled by 7 swans and he has four hands.”

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