Shiva Adi Madha Anta

Shiva resides beyond all accessible levels, appears when all avenues have been explored and the last desire has disappeared πŸ”₯

Shiva adi mada anta, jogata jogi Shiva Kanaka visha ami adi visha bhogi
Nabhi ke kamala te tina murata bhai Ilna jane soi naraka hoi

Lord Shiva is omnipotent – he is the beginning, he is in the midst of all happenings and he is the climax. He is the supreme Yogi and also a Bhogi who enjoys life. To let all do the same he swallowed poison and held it in his throat.
The three gods on the lotus emerging out of Lord Vishnu’s navel are the same. Those who divide them – are ignorant and suffer the consequence.