Gayatri, Hayagreeva Jayanti and Raksha Bandhan

Shravan Purnima is no ordinary Purnima, most importantly being marked by Gayatri and *Hayagreeva Jayanti*. Also on this day all Hindu people celebrate the sacred brotherly love to their sisters, by preparing special gifts to acknowledge the very important bond in their life. This festival is called *Raksha Bandhan* and most brothers are looking forward a year ahead to spend this day with their sisters.

It is no surprise this pure love is celebrated on Shravan Purnima, as *Gayatri Jayanti* marks the most auspicious moment of birth of the goddess Gayatri that includes all, shines onto all and is the highest embodiment of the manifested energy the mind’s eye can possibly reach.
Lord Hayagreeva is famous for various blessings, but most importantly 1) He gave Brahma the 4 Vedas; 2) He taught Lalita Trishati (300 names of Lalita) and 3) Lalita Sahasranama (1000 names of Lalita) to MahaRishi Sage Agastyar…

cāpaṁ cekṣumayaṁ prasūnaviśikhān pāśāṅkuśaṁ pustakaṁ
māṇikyāṣasṛjavaraṁ maṇīmayīṁ vīṇāṁ sarojadvayaṁ |
pāṇibhyāṁ varadā abhayaṁ ca dadhatīṁ brahmādisevyāṁ parāṁ
sindūrāruṇa vigrahāṁ bhagavatīṁ tāṁ ṣoḍaśīmāśraye ||

चापं चेक्षुमयं प्रसूनविशिखान् पाशाङ्कुशं पुस्तकं
माणिक्याषसृजवरं मणीमयीं वीणां सरोजद्वयं।
पाणिभ्यां वरदा अभयं च दधतीं ब्रह्मादिसेव्यां परां
सिन्दूरारुण विग्रहां भगवतीं तां षोडशीमाश्रये॥

Meaning: She has twelve hands, holds (1) a bow made of sugarcane, (2) arrows made of kadamba flowers, (3) a noose, (4) a hook, (5) a book, (6) a rosary made of rubies, displays (7) abhaya (removal of fear) and (8) varadha (giving boons) mudras. She closely holds a veena (a musical instrument) with two hands (9 and 10) and lotus flowers in two hands (11 and 12) one on each side. She is worshipped by Brahmā and other gods and goddesses. She is red in complexion. I surrender unto this Supreme Goddess.

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  1. Blessings Dear Putri, Such a lucid introduction to the importance of Shravana Poornima. Please highlight the rituals to he followed in most authentic day. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🌹🌹❤❤

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