Psychospacial Meditation

Q: I have been mediating since 14 now I am 20 initially I felt quite calm any detached but slowly I became  irritated and depressed sort of. Should I stop meditation and yoga?

A: The irritation/depression is likely to be frustration with your life. You might like to think about what you want out of your life and go after it systematically. A good place to start is a vision board and new experiences and training. Meditation and yoga just reveals what is there, it doesn’t create the difficult emotions, it just allows them time/space to rise up and inform our lives.


If one focuses the Mind’s-Eye in a directional spacial orientation:

1. Clarity — occurs as a single-point in front of the two eyes. 

2. Maturity — is at the top of the forehead. 

3. Serenity — is at the temporal lobes above the ears. 

4. Joy — is found by focusing the mind’s-eye at the nostrils and following the breath there. 

5. Happiness — (the absence of closure and sadness) is found by focusing at the crown of the head and this lifts sadness in the lungs/throat/diaphragm. 

6. Nondual Peace — After running through the full sequence then a painful knot of “need” is felt in the solar plexus. This knot in the solar plexus is then dissolved by focusing the mind’s-eye on the brainstem. By practicing clarity, maturity, serenity and joy all at the same time; this then translates as peace. 

Psychospacial Meditation is like a gate opener for connecting the Uraeus, the brainstem and the solar plexus brain. These psychospacial gateways allow the knot of need/control in the solar plexus to be accessed and dissolved by first passing through clarity/maturity/serenity/joy/happiness and then finally this control-knot is “touched” and healed through the “brainstem.” So perhaps final letting go of the reactive distress of our separation and unenlightenment is done in this way. When we are talking of resistance, division, judging, distancing etc… we are probably talking about feeling helpless or the “need to control.” So this is the tension that prevents Unity Consciousness and harmony with our environment.

Interestingly the pain and deficit in the solar plexus knot was not apparent to awareness until I had done all the focus points. However this knot must subliminally always be there as a permanent ongoing wound. I theorize that if one clears the larger-noisier emotions out the way, the finer more nuanced emotions would be felt and one’s inner life should deepen and refine, becoming ever more precise in communicating subtle emotional resonances and information from the Void.

I intuit that the sequence is important. Clarity is necessary prior to maturity. Maturity is necessary prior to serenity. Serenity is necessary prior to joy. Joy is necessary prior to happiness. Happiness is necessary prior to overcoming deprivation/need. Thus there is a specific flow to the unfolding of energy in the body. Psychospacial meditation will permanently rewire one if done consistently. Individual reasons and issues for suffering are not important, it’s a matter of rewiring and changing the vibratory state of the tissues. Thus all hurts are one, and all healing is one.

The key to psychospacial meditation: I found the sequence to the psychospacial gates by simply by holding the word in my mind and seeing where my mind’s-eye went. This way we should be able to find the psychospacial focal point for any such word, eg: forgiveness, fortitude, gratitude, benevolence etc…. Focus your mind’s-eye on any pain, constriction or ill feeling in the body and ask “what is this?” After a while a word will arise reflecting the dominant emotion connected with that blockage in the flow. Then find the opposite word and send the mind’s-eye on a hunt to search for the location and the mechanism that switches the stuck negative emotion into its opposite resonance. In this way we can shift any vibration over to the positive. By emotionally spring cleaning in this way we do not have to remain victim to entrenched, stressful states that play havoc with our health and well-being.

All from Jana Dixon