Sri Vidya and living the divine life

The path of Yoga is the one of continuous self purification, to thin “the skin” and unfold the power from within. 

Matarishvan follows the path of Sri Vidya and Brahma Vidya, the merger-point of alchemy of Yoga, when the mind gets stupefied being unable to comprehend the union of Adwaita and Dwaita Vedanta. Getting in touch with these two pinnacles of Yogic philosophy elevates a Yoga aspirant’s mind to the highest velocity, which results in the most efficient cleansing from the deep-rooted impressions obstructing the light shining from within.

If you ever felt attracted to Sri Yantra, Sri Chakra,  the so-called Queen of all Yantra, Mata is available to guide through understanding Her and learning about Her multiple dimensions,  all manifesting as various forms of Devis, Matrikas, Yoginis, Shaktis and Swaminis.  

Please, express your interest and pass the information to those who are seeking to learn drawing geometrically correct Sri Yantra, and further learn to worship Her. 

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One important aspect of getting into a Yoga routine is learning about the internal and external cycles affecting the fluctuation in our mind and emotions. As the moon waxes and wanes, different aspects of our personality manifest, evoking the associated Karmic traces. Living the Divine Life simply implies being aware of the underlying conditions, continuously peeling the layers. of the mind and invoking the positive qualities to replace the negative tendencies that bring about the sense of pain, suffering and seeming separation from the original source within.

Matarishvan has created the calendar of Moon phases and Devis governing each phase of the Moon based on the ancient teachings of Sri Vidya (lit. “be able to see and know Devi, Sri”).

Presently it is at 50% discount and dates run till Mar 2022, enough time to do a comprehensive self-study on inner and out manifestations of the mind and carry on into the future.

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