🔥 COMPLETE Mahamrityumjaya Havan with TEXTS to chant along (120m)

Bellow is a 120-minute video recording from a weekly Saturday Havan at Yoga Temple in Middle Pocket and all the texts required to chant along. Yoga aspirants that are unable to attend or would like to deepen their practice would appreciate this offer.

Every Saturday for the last 5 years we have been committed to perform a Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan at Yoga Temple in Middle Pocket.

Decades ago this tradition originated in Bihar School of Yoga in Munger (Bihar, India) and Rikhiapeeth Ashram in Deoghar (Jharkhand, India) – two top-major educational centres of traditional Yoga teachings which have been awarded the highest awards for contribution into culture, wellbeing and ecology in 2017 and 2019 by the Indian government.

In a span of 24 hours each Saturday this sacred ritual of chanting ancient Vedic mantras reverberates worldwide in thousands of Yoga communities, enveloping the entire Earth in unbroken chain of a prayer to the Divine for the healing and purification of all living beings and the environment.

Matarishvan first held Havans in a tipi, in which she lived after the house fire of 2015. Soon, after 4 years, she rebuilt a home and started teaching Yoga from there. It was planned from scratch as a place for local Yoga community to quench their thirst for authentic traditional Yoga, be able to grasp the knowledge of a royal path of Raja Yoga and ashram-lifestyle skills, not easily attainable in Western countries. Australian Yoga is more business-market orientated and is abundant with teachers and studios struggling to survive competition in the wellness industry. Matarishvan’s dream was to dedicate life to worshiping the highest knowledge of Vedas and the original path of a infinitely vast and deep science of Sanatan Dharma, which has been framed into “Hinduism” for the last couple of thousands years. The most of contribution into preservation of Vedas and systematisation of Yoga was done by HH Adi Shankaracharya in his short lifespan of mere 32-years.

YouTube link https://youtu.be/EKN49UhfWKo

  • 8:01 Internalising Meditation
  • 22:14 Om x3 Shantih x3
  • 23:30 Guru Stotra Chanting (26:18 to 30:42)
  • 31:05 Shri Hanuman Chalisa (36:10 to 46:52)
  • 48:00 Havan Starts
  • Vedic Shanti Mantras:
  • 51:18 Ganapati Stotra
  • 52:40 Guru Mantras
  • 54:45 Shanti Mantra
  • 56:08 Agni Mantra
  • 56:50 Babaji’s Udasin Akhada Mantras
  • 01:03:27 Mahamrityumjaya Mantra x108
  • 01:26:02 Purnahuti Mantra
  • 01:40:15 to 01:55:55 Kirtan
  • 01:56:00 Concluding Meditation
  • 01:58:00 Om x3
  • 01:59:50 Full Shanti Path
  • 02:01:00 Tvameva
  • 02:02:10 Announcements

Please, print the following texts, supplied for your convenience.