Shri Rudrashtakam – Shiva Stuti- श्रीरुद्राष्टकम

The Rudrashtakam is an ashtakam or octet (a prayer with eight rhyming verses) dedicated to the manifestation of Shiva. It was composed by Swami Tulsidas in the fifteenth century. Rudra is considered as the fearsome manifestation of Shiva who is to b


“8 cantos on Rudra (Shiva)”

  1. I pray to you, the one who is the lord of all, who is in eternal nirvana, who is resplendent, who is omni-present, and who is Brahman and Veda in totality. I adore you, who is for self, who is formless, who is without change, who is passionless, who is like the sky (immeasurable), and who lives in the sky.
  2. I bow prostrate to you, who is without a form, who is the root of sounds, who is the fourth impersonal state of the Atman, who is beyond the scope of tongue, knowledge and sense- organs, who is the Lord, who is the Lord of Himalaya, who is fierce, who is the destroyer of fierce Kala, who is benevolent, who is the abode of qualities, and is beyond the universe.
  3. I bow to you, who is white on all like the snow, who is profound, who is mind, who is in the form of living beings, who has immense splendour and wealth. His forehead shines with the playful and enticing Ganga, and with a crescent moon, and he has snake garlands around the neck.
  4. I adore Shankara, who has swaying earrings, who has a beautiful eye on the forehead, who is spread-out and large, who is happy in the face, who has a blue-throat, who is benevolent, who has a lion-skin around his waist, who has skull-cap garland, and who is the dear Lord of everyone.
  5. I adore the Lord of Bhavani, who is fierce, who is immense, who is mature and brave, who is beyond everyone, who is indivisible, who is unborn, who is resplendent like millions of suns, who uproots the three qualities (and makes us dispassionate), who holds a trident, and who can be achieved with the emotions.
  6. O destroyer of Kamadev, who is beyond artwork, who is auspicious, who causes the end of the universe, who always provides bliss to good people, who destroyed pura, who is eternal bliss, who absolves abundant passion. Oh Lord please be happy, be happy.
  7. Those who do not adore the lotus-feet of the Lord of Uma (Shiva), do not get happiness, comfort, or peace in this world or the other worlds after death. You are the abode of all living beings. O Lord, please be happy.
  8. I do not know yoga, japa, or prayers. Still, I am bowing continuously and always to you. Save me from unhappiness due to old age, birth, grief, sins, and troubles. I bow to you, who is the Lord.