Beginner Yoga Courses: 8-week. Move to Progressive Beginner in a systematic way.

A new beginner Yoga Course is coming up soon.

Starting Sat 23 July 2022 you get a chance to be systematically guided and progressed through various techniques of yoga including postures, correct breathing, working with the mind through advanced meditation until you confidently move to the next level of knowing your self and improve such parameters as: strength, flexibility, endurance and cardio-vascular health.

Beginner’s course is run on Saturdays 7-8:30am for 8 weeks for Beginner 1 and 8 weeks for Beginner 2.

The starting dates are as follows:

starting 2022

TERM 3 Beginner 1: SAT 23 Jul 

TERM 4 Beginner 2: SAT 15 Oct

starting 2023


Beginner 1: SAT 4 Feb

Progressive Beginner 1: SUN 5 Feb


Beginner 2: SAT 29 Apr

Progressive Beginner 2: SUN 30 Apr

Please, enquire via the contact form on the website.