Meditation and Kirtan 15 May 2022 with Earth Meditation Tribe (Matarishvan part)

We gathered for a heart β™₯️ full event with the Earth Meditation Tribe and shared in inspirational talks, Kirtan and meditation. The sacred space of octagon temple in the caldera of holy Mt Wollumbin cradled us all in peace.

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“our tribe’s primary vision –

  • to embrace the web of life , rediscover and nurture our love for the earth and each other,
  • to help you to touch and connect with the earth thus reconnecting with your ancestors , and all forms of life in the present moment ,
  • to share the power of compassion , heartfulness , presence and resilient equanimity ,
  • to create a world that works for all – a society that reflects a new way of being and thinking – and which lets go of greed , anger and delusion.”