Mahabharat (video)

Most people who encountered Bhagavad Gita, and further the entire composition of Mahabharata, reflect that it has transformed their life forever.

Mahabharat series produced in 2013 by Swastik Productions is truly one magnificent offering to the entire human population. It is not only mesmerising to watch, featuring the most exquisite costumes and scenes, but carries the imperishable wisdom of one of the most revered epics (the other being Ramayana).

Please, find bellow in the video, the compilation of Dharma talks as delivered to Arjuna by his beloved Krishna.

You can search online and try to find the whole series production with English subtitles, but for now can also see the intro and the title song of the episodes:

Mahabharat 2013 – title song no subtitles (good quality)
Mahabharat 2013 – intro, English subtitles (lower quality)

Have an enjoyable watch.