Monthly Yoga Movie at Middle Pocket Yoga Shala

Here is every single movie we are going to watch from this coming Friday to April 2024. Book your space.

Spend a Friday night with like-minded friends watching a meaningful film covering one of many-fold explorations that make up a tapestry of a yoga path. Quench your quest for understanding how mind works, for perfecting your personal yoga practice, learning the ways duality and non-duality interact, discovering inspiring saints and sages – infinite possibilities to bring power and grow faith in our own self.

The ancient yoga teaches us that on the path of self growth the company of the right community is of the paramount importance. Thus, attending events that bring up the best in us, promote peace, simple lifestyle, good association and wellbeing contributes to our karmic destiny.

Every 1st Friday of the month we gather at Middle Pocket Yoga Shala at 5pm for a short kirtan, followed by watching a Yoga film. Following there is a delicious Ayurvedic dinner. The atmosphere is serene and relaxed.

Option 1: Kirtan, Film, Dinner – book dinner $15, donation for event in cash.

Option 2: Kirtan, Film, No Dinner – book your space by donation via link.

Here is what we watch next:

Dec 2022
A Meditator’s Guide to Mind and Consciousness 2019

Jan 2023
Adwaita Non Dual Spirituality

Feb 2023
Rays of The Absolute

Mar 2023

Apr 2023
Adwaita is Vedanta

May 2023
Call Off The Search

Jun 2023
Interviews with Anamalai Swami

Jul 2023
Who am I? The search for truth

Aug 2023
The Life and Mission of Swami Vivekananda. (1964)

Sep 2023
Kundalini Yoga as Envisioned by Ancient Yogis

Oct 2023
1. Turya the Fourth State of Consciousness

2. OM Meditation – The Ecstatic Journey of Transcendence

Nov 2023
1. Guru: Remover of Darkness – A Personal Reflection

2. Does FREE WILL Really Exist? Scientific and Vedantic Views

3. An Intimate Encounter with Your EGO: Ahankara in Advaita Vedanta

4. Buddhism vs Advaita Vedanta—What’s the Difference?

Dec 2023
Jnani: The Silent Sage of Arunachala. 2016

Jan 2024
Sita Sings the Blues 2008

Feb 2024
3100: Run and Become (2018)

Mar 2024
The Darjeeling Limited (2007)

Apr 2024
Vedantic Path of Self Realisation

Option 1: Kirtan, Film, Dinner – $15, donation for event in cash.

Option 2: Kirtan, Film, No Dinner – donation at booking.