What are some of the types of Yoga purification practices to attain a deeper meditation?

There are several types of purification practices in Yoga that are believed to help prepare the body and mind for deep meditation. These practices are often referred to as “Shatkarma” or “Shatkriya” and include the following:

  1. Neti: This is a nasal cleansing technique that involves using a special pot to pour salt water through the nostrils, clearing the nasal passages and sinuses.
  2. Dhauti: This is a series of cleansing techniques that involve cleaning the digestive tract, including techniques like drinking salt water or performing stomach washes.
  3. Basti: This is a technique for cleaning the colon and removing waste material from the body.
  4. Trataka: This involves focused gazing at a single point or object, such as a candle flame, to improve concentration and calm the mind.
  5. Kapalabhati: This is a breathing technique that involves rapid and forceful exhales through the nose, which is believed to help cleanse the lungs and improve mental focus.
  6. Nauli: This is a technique for massaging and toning the abdominal muscles, which can help improve digestion and stimulate the energy centers of the body.

These purification practices are believed to help prepare the body and mind for deep meditation by reducing physical and mental distractions, improving focus and concentration, and enhancing the flow of prana (life force energy) throughout the body. However, it is important to approach these practices under the guidance of a qualified teacher, as some of them may be challenging or uncomfortable for beginners.