Exploring the Linguistic Similarities Between English Language and Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an ancient Indo-Aryan language that has had a significant influence on many modern languages, including Romani, Russian, and English. Here’s a schematic representation of how these languages relate to Sanskrit:

Sanskrit is a member of the larger Indo-European language family, which includes languages such as Greek, Latin, and Slavic languages. Romani, which is spoken by the Roma people (Gypsies), is a language that evolved from an ancestral language known as Domari, which has been heavily influenced by Sanskrit. Russian, as well as other Slavic languages, has also been influenced by Sanskrit, particularly in terms of vocabulary. Finally, English has borrowed a significant number of words from Sanskrit, particularly in the areas of religion, philosophy, and science.

Here are some similar words.

English WordTransliterated SanskritDevanagari SanskritDetailed Meaning
assāsaआसseat, the lower part of the body, behind, posteriors
atticaṭṭakaअट्टकan apartment on the roof
bumble beebambharaबम्भरa bee
charcūrचूरto burn
cruelkrūraक्रूरcruel, fierce, ferocious, pitiless, harsh
dumbḍimbhaडिम्भan idiot, an infant
genuinejenyaजेन्यgenuine, true
hunterhantṛहंतृa slayer, killer
cookkukaकुकa cook
litterlitaलितbroken, torn asunder, scattered, dispersed, destroyed
littleliṭyaलिट्यto be little
looklokलोकto see, behold, perceive
madmadमदto rejoice, be glad, exult, delight or revel in, be drunk (also fig.)
massmasaमासmeasure, weight
meetmithमिथto unite, pair, couple, meet (as friend or antagonist)
moneymaṇiमणिjewel, gem, pearl (also fig.)
omenomanओमनhelp, protection
overlookavalokअवलोकto look upon or at, view, behold, see, notice, observe
owlāluआलुan owl
pencepaṇasaपणसa commodity, an article of sale or commerce
poshpoṣaपोषthriving, prosperity, abundance, wealth, growth, increase
presspreṣप्रेषto drive on, urge, impel, send forth
proudprauḍhaप्रौढproud, arrogant, confident, bold, audacious, impudent
riterītiरीतिgeneral course or way, usage, custom, practice, method, manner
sadsādaसादsinking down, exhaustion, weariness
saintsantaसन्तtrue, real, actual, genuine, sincere, honest, truthful, faithful, pure, virtuous, good, successful, effectual, valid
scalesakalaसकलconsisting of parts, divisible
English WordTransliterated SanskritDevanagari SanskritMeaning
shallowśarāvaशरावa shallow cup, dish, plate, platter
shockśokaशोकsorrow, affliction, anguish, pain, trouble, grief for
Sirsūriसूरिa learned man, sage
smartsamarthaसमर्थvery strong or powerful, competent, capable of, able to
spyspaśस्पश्one who looks or beholds, a watcher, spy
stalesthālikaस्थालिकthe smell of faeces
stupor, stupidsthāpitaस्थापितcaused or made to stand, fixed
swearsvṛस्वृ(also written {svar}) to utter a sound, sound, resound
jumpjhampaझम्पa jump
urgeūrjऊर्ज्to strengthen, invigorate
useyujयुज्to make ready, prepare, arrange, fit out, set to work, use, employ
waxvakṣवक्ष्to grow, increase, be strong or powerful
winvanवन्to conquer, win, become master of, possess
wishvaśवश्to desire, wish, long for, be fond of, like
tolltulतुल्to lift up, raise
tosstasतस्to throw
unionyūniयूनिconnection, union
urgentūrjitaऊर्जितendowed with strength or power, important
vestveṣṭवेष्ट्to dress, to wrap up, envelop, enclose, surround, cover, invest, beset
wagevājaवाजthe prize of a race or of battle, booty, gain, reward
wagonvahanaवहनa square chariot with a pole
varnishvarṇवर्ण्to paint, colour, dye
wedvoḍhaवोढled home married
zebraśabaraशबरvariegated, brindled