POEM SIX – Mundaka Upanishad – The Essence of Upanishads

Mundaka Upanishad

Poem six on Mundaka Upanishad. I decided to explore the ten Principle Upanishads and extract the essence from them. Given that the Upanishads are themselves an extraction of the extraction of the essence of all knowledge combined…

Seek knowledge supreme, the eternal light,
Beyond the realm of darkness and night.
Two paths diverge, the real and unreal,
Discerning the Self, the ultimate reveal.

From ignorance to wisdom, a journey unfolds,
The Self alone, the truth it beholds.
Through Guru’s grace, the knowledge is gained,
Transcending Maya, illusions drained.

The fire of knowledge, the sacred thread,
Burning desires, ego’s veil shed.
Mundaka Upanishad, a guide profound,
Unveiling the Self, the eternal ground.

This poem encapsulates the central teachings of the Mundaka Upanishad, which emphasize the quest for supreme knowledge, discerning the real from the unreal, the role of the Guru, the fire of knowledge, and the ultimate unveiling of the Self.

*Please note that poetry is a creative expression, and this poem is a concise summary, not a literal translation of the Upanishad. For a comprehensive understanding, it’s recommended to refer to authoritative translations by qualified scholars or spiritual teachers.