Most Powerful Daily Vedic Chants for Protection, Knowledge and Abundance

The Ghanapati Youtube channel, uniquely focusing on the authentic chanting of the Vedas and specialise in the Ghana Patha form of rendition of the Vedas. “Ghanapati” is a title (Ghanapaati / Ghanapaathi / Ghanapati) given to a person if they are well versed in the Ghana Patha form of chanting of at least one of the Vedas. The Ghanapati is run by Sri K Suresh. a finance professional currently working in Bangalore. He is a qualified CA, CWA & Company Secretary. He held an All India Rank in all three qualifications. Also a gold medalist in M.Com and a PGD in Foreign Trade Management with a stint in INSEAD. He also holds a Diploma in Hindu Astrology. He is learning Rig Veda, Shukla Yajur Veda, Krishna Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda from various Vedic Scholars.

Listen to some of the Vedic Chants:

Anaadhrshyo Jaataveda: | Protection from Fear and Hate | Yajur Veda

Vedic Chant to God AGNI for Success and Brilliance

Vedic chant against curse and disease, to get huge wealth, knowledge and brave children

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