Sublime Bhakti Sutras of Sage Shandilya – PDF To Download

Sage Shandilya

Many know about Bhakti Sutras of Sage Narada. Give yourself a treat.

The Sutras of Sage Shandilya are a collection of aphorisms that not only outline the principles of devotion and spiritual practice, but from the first words transport you from this dimension.

The Sutras of Sage Shandilya are highly revered by followers of Bhakti yoga, which is a spiritual path that emphasizes devotion and love for God. The aphorisms provide guidance on various aspects of spiritual practice, such as the importance of surrendering to God, the role of karma and dharma in spiritual life, and the nature of divine love.

One of the most famous sutras from the collection is “tasyaite nishvasitam etad-uktam” which means “these are the breaths of the Divine”. This sutra emphasizes the idea that every breath we take is a gift from God, and that we should use each breath to remember and honor the divine presence within ourselves and all beings.

Overall, the Sutras of Sage Shandilya are considered to be a profound and insightful guide to spiritual life, and are widely studied and practiced by followers of Hinduism, especially those who practice Bhakti yoga.