The Fly (short animation)

Animated student “short” inspired by Asian philosophy, a samurai seeks inner peace. But as he tries to rid himself of distractions, he discovers that they seem to be coming at him harder and faster…

In the original, the animated film is titled “The Fly.” The film is permeated with the idea that what you fight against grows and becomes stronger, and what you resist persists.

Only positive thinking can direct a person’s attention towards creation and achieving harmony with oneself and the surrounding world. Everything we try to create out of anger, irritability, or resentment towards someone yields meager results, and more often than not, no result at all. Relax! Focus your attention on the advantages that the current situation offers you. Step out of the state of anger, irritability, indecisiveness, or fear. Start taking action when the situation transforms in your mind into a game. It is precisely this state that is most effective in solving even the most challenging life problems.