About AGNI Yoga Ecology School

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Introducing AGNI Yoga Ecology School sheltered by a lovely home-studio of Middle Pocket Yoga Shala, a haven for holistic well-being and profound transformation. Our mission is to illuminate the path of ancient yoga ecology, where the wisdom of ages converges with modern understanding. Nestled in serene Middle Pocket, our Shala embodies the essence of purification for both inner and outer realms.

Guided by the earnest Matarishvan, a torchbearer of an unbroken lineage spanning epochs, our school unlocks the treasures of Adwaita Vedanta, making its profound teachings accessible to earnest seekers. Rooted in Northern Himalayan and Southern Siddha Yoga traditions, we unravel the intricate tapestry of Sanatan Dharma, delving into its depths and exploring the boundless potential of Sanskrit, Mantra, and meditation techniques.

Here at AGNI Yoga Ecology School, we cultivate not only physical flexibility but also mental liberation. Step beyond the traditional confines of Asana, release preconceived notions, and journey into the profound realm of self-discovery. Immerse in a community of advanced yoga students and wise Elders, fostering an environment where learning thrives across all traditions. Embrace a sustainable lifestyle and shed not only physical burdens but also the shackles of negative emotions, unveiling the radiant self that fearlessly transcends the fear of mortality.

Join us in the transformative embrace of AGNI Yoga Ecology School, where ancient wisdom dances harmoniously with contemporary understanding, and where the journey to self-realization and mindful living begins.


Yoga Studies

Yoga is an ancient health system involving mind, body, and spiritual techniques. It includes breathing exercises, movements, meditation, and relaxation. It brings balanced approach to life, promoting inner stability. There are five main branches of Yoga – Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bhakti, and Hatha. Yoga is a reliable alternative form of healing that affects mind, body, and soul. It reduces health effects of stress, calms nervous system, and improves concentration, coordination, sleep, flexibility, and digestion.

Sustainable Lifestyle

In today’s world, where the need for sustainable living is more critical than ever, ancient Yoga Ecology knowledge continues to be relevant. Its emphasis on living in harmony with nature, holistic well-being, ethical management, and scientific understanding can contribute to modern sustainability efforts and conscious living. By drawing upon the profound teachings of Vedic/Hindu scriptures, we can integrate ancient wisdom with modern science to create a more sustainable and conscious future for ourselves and the planet.

Vedic Studies

The Vedas cover diverse subjects like astrology, astronomy, architecture, medicine, art, music, dance, martial arts, yoga, food, health, poetry, literature, and more. They are universal and transcend all barriers. Vedic Studies encompass Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, etc. The Vedas contain hymns and mantras for every occasion and ritual, disseminating valuable knowledge. They are authentic and foolproof, supported by scientific studies. Their relevance is eternal, not limited by region, religion, period, or place.


Eco-conscious businesses prioritize sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint, managing waste, sourcing sustainably, promoting social responsibility, and fostering education and awareness. They strive to minimize environmental impact, practice circular economy, support local communities, and engage in transparent communication. Study how to create or transform your business to decrease negative impact on ecology and charge it with a meaningful purpose.

🔥Experience Healing and Transformation with the Power of Ancient Rituals 🔥

Hello, dear community! We invite you on a unique journey – a healing voyage through the time-honored practice of Mahamrityunjaya Havan. This beautiful ritual, deeply rooted in the wisdom of … Continue reading About AGNI Yoga Ecology School

Classes with Matarishvan at Middle Pocket Yoga Shala

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Saturday Healing Mahamrityumjaya Havan

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Friday Yoga Movie and Dinner

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Friday Yoga Nidra Class

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Thursday Chanting and Yoga class

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Karma Yoga: The Path of Union. Uniting through action. Liberating action. (video and audiobook)

“Put a smile on your face,Don’t bring everybody down like thisDon’t worry, it will soon past whatever it is” (Bobby McFerrin) Each morning, we awaken to the boundless realm of … Continue reading About AGNI Yoga Ecology School

Yoga Ecology – timeless tools of yoga science for body-mind-soul and environment purification


Authentic yogic experience in a beautiful location. So much potential for offerings for the community.

Gretta Free

What a relief to find the traditional healing practices of Yoga in todays world – there is so many inexperienced people who take a bit from here or there and this is not at all helping or healing – often leaving the person injured in body or mind. Mata is a true Yogi and she offers a very healing, soothing and inspiring sanctuary for people to rejuvenate, refresh and re set their lives. My own practice has grown as a result, I have had the opportunity to detox from life in Sydney while strengthening my own practices and self. With these changes in my own life I am able to assist others recently with a brain injury, severe heart attack, diabetes and obesity – in a subtle way. Thank you for your service Matajii to opening her home temple near Byron Bay Australia.

Zoe Campbell