Shri Vidya – Yoga Moon Calendar – Lunar Calendar 2021 2022


This comprehensive Moon calendar is an advanced tool for Yoga practitioners.

NOTICE: the calendar is outdated, the material that is shared in the calendar is timeless. Learning from this tool, you can develop a calendar for the next years and deepen your Sadhana.



One important aspect of getting into a Yoga routine is learning about the internal and external cycles affecting the fluctuation in our mind and emotions. As the moon waxes and wanes, different aspects of our personality manifest, evoking the associated Karmic traces. Living the Divine Life simply implies being aware of the underlying conditions, continuously peeling the layers. of the mind and invoking the positive qualities to replace the negative tendencies that bring about the sense of pain, suffering and seeming separation from the original source within.

We have created the calendar of Moon phases and Devis governing each phase of the Moon based on the ancient teachings of Sri Vidya (lit. “be able to see and know Devi, Sri”).

Presently it is at 50% discount and dates run till Mar 2022, enough time to do a comprehensive self-study on inner and out manifestations of the mind and carry on into the future.

Move your Yoga practice to a new level by tuning into the natural cycles of Moon. As each day transits, the influence of Moon on our feelings and ability to connect to the underlying reality follow various aspects of Nature of the mind.

The secret teachings of Shri Vidya – the art of Devi worship reveal that the 16 vowels of Sanskrit alphabet represent the 16 Nitya Devi and are connected to the phases of the Moon.

The 16 vowels, as part of the 51 letters of the alphabet, when intimately connected to, help to open up the most important purification energy centre in the throat – Vishuddha chakra.

This comprehensive Moon calendar is an advanced tool for Yoga practitioners. It runs to March 2022 and reveals hidden knowledge of Shri Vidya that would require lifetimes of Yoga practice to arrive at.

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All proceedings go to charity transforming a Himalayan village into an Eco-Village, advancing natural health, ecology, arts and holistic education.


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