The Maths of Samkhya – Yoga is Not Religion

Samkhya and Vedanta serve as a two-fold foundation of classical Yoga Theory. The main purpose of studying Samkhya is to deconstruct a personal identity into parts to understand its strengths and weaknesses. It is plainly scientific, mathematical and analytical. Samkhya means “digit, count”. The second tool, Vedanta – “the end of knowledge”, assists in letting go off analysing of the finite matter, when the mind (part of the inherent nature), starts realising its own looped patterns of operation. Vedanta helps an individual to pierce beyond the transitory limited nature of reality, infinitely justifying its own existence. …

Kashmir Shaivism – Map Of Creation – Tantra VS Yoga

Integral Yoga path is an amalgamation of spiritual theory applied through experiential science of sublimation of energy. The oldest philosophy schools of India – Samkhya and Vedanta utilised in methods … Continue reading Kashmir Shaivism – Map Of Creation – Tantra VS Yoga